Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms, #5)

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Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy, Magic, Romance

Well, I definitely need some liquid help to deal with this ending.

“When the storm comes, all will be revealed.”

Crystal Storm is indeed a storm. A storm of confusion, anger, vengeance, magic, love and greed. Power is a devious thing. It can corrupt the purest soul, cloud the sharpest mind, make everything seem pale compared to the knowledge, the intoxicating feeling that you can bend anything and anyone to your will. And that's what the Kindred, what the elemental deities offer. But this power always comes with a price. The land of Mytica is in the brink of destruction. The new empress is ruthless, and the forces that can stop her don't trust each other in order to work together. Loyalties are tested. Convictions are shaken. And a sorceress, a rebel, a golden princess and a dark prince are caught in the eye of this storm.

“Power is all that matters, Magnus. Legacy is all that matters.”

It is no secret that the Falling Kingdoms series holds a special place in my heart. I am always able to lose myself in Morgan Rhodes's epic tale, a tale infused with legends, gods and mortals, intrigue and power games. Her ingredients? Deception, manipulation and secrets and you question even your most beloved characters. Deaths and resurrections and your jaw drops to the floor. Magic, raw magic and your fingers tingle with the anticipation, the need to unleash it and wreck havoc. Greed and love in an eternal and lethal dance. And morally grey characters.

“I think we all deserve to die for something we've done. Or for something we've failed to do.”

Where I come from, when something impossible happens we say that "a bakery must have been demolished" (don't ask me why, we're weird people). Well, in Crystal Storm's case I think that every single bakery in Mytica mush have been demolished, because I never expected the day would come when Jonas Agallon would be the most sensible and levelheaded character. But it's true. He was reasonable, and tried hard to not let the bitterness he harbored and his pain guide him and lead him to dark paths. Can't say the same for Lucia though, who was still a psycho bitch, but she did try to make amends for the mayhem she created and the innocent blood in her hands, so maybe she can return to the decent human being she was once upon a time.

“True leaders often must be ruthless enough to steal and murder. If they don't, someone else will.”

And that's Magnus, my precious cinnamon roll. His philosophy is still the same,

he's dark and moody and prone to violence, but his complexity, the battle between light and darkness he keeps fighting, are some of the many reasons I love him so much. And so does Cleo. They have some wonderful scenes together, but unfortunately it was Cleo that prevented me from giving Crystal Storm the fifth star.

She's been my favorite heroine since book 1. Yet, I found her really spiteful and greedy, sometimes acting like the spoiled child she once was, and all these horrible things she said to Magnus, and her constant desire to hide her feelings for him because she was ashamed really disappointed me. Of course Magnus is not an easy-going, charming fellow, but he needs someone to believe in him, and Cleo's faith sometimes wavered. I still ship them though. Hard.

“Love is pain. Love is death. And love strips one of their power.”

And since I love all these flawed characters, you can imagine how I'm going to spend the months until the final book's release.

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