Immortal Reign (Falling Kingdoms, #6)

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy, Magic, Romance

A satisfying conclusion to a beloved series!

 Before we get started, let me share with you a pearl of wisdom: re-reads are life saviors. I thought myself smart, I put too much faith in my memory, only for this to happen: 

Me: I don't need to re-read the previous book, I still know everything.

*starts reading the first chapter*

Me: I don't know who any of you are.

Putting my poor memory aside (I suspect that my temporal lobe reached its full potential and now it started deleting stuff), I thoroughly enjoyed Immortal Reign. It prepared the path to the final confrontation, the clash between mortals and the Kindred, the elementia that wanted to destroy life only to create it anew. Cleo, Magnus, Jonas, Lucia, Nic, Amara, each of them had their own war to fight and demons to overcome, while the clock was ticking, and the future of mankind was in the hands of a bunch of teenagers who sought their place in the world. The race for power and domination became a race for survival. Most of the scenes were intense, the constant suspense thrilling, and you couldn't help but devour the pages, root for the characters and fear for them, tremble before the cruelty and the whims of the Kindred, shudder before the evil grannies and get frustrated over the riddles and half-answers of the Immortals. And it was a deliciously addictive ride.

“You can't escape your destiny.”

Despite my love for the series and my satisfaction over the conclusion, there was something off with Immortal Reign that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's a lack of depth, since the pace was rather quick and everything happened so fast and (occasionally) unceremoniously. Maybe what bothered me was that I could predict every revelation that was meant to be a plot-twist, so most of the times it lost the element of surprise. Or maybe it's because Frozen Tides was the masterpiece of the series, and everything that followed paled in comparison thereto. 

“We cannot be stopped. We are eternal. We are life itself. And we will do anything to survive.”

As regards to the characters, my feelings can summed in three categories:

‣ Fangirling in its most radiant and jolly form

I think it's obvious that Magnus (My baby. My precious marshmallow. My king.) and his relationship with Cleo fall into this category. He was his trademark sarcastic albeit cruel self, brave and loyal and fully in love with Cleo that made my insides melt. The dark prince and his golden princess (let's pretend she didn't make numerous stupid decisions, shall we?) gave me heart palpitations and filled my belly with butterflies, they were adorable and


‣ Wonder

Alright people, I rarely admit that I'm wrong (because I'm always right). But, the time has come to revoke every bad thing I ever said about Jonas Agallon. His development in the last two books has been astonishing (hence the "wonder"), he's become strong, levelheaded and caring, and now I simply want to cuddle him like my stuffed teddy bear.

‣ Irritation 

I suppose it doesn't surprise you that Lucia and Amara are the Queens of Irritation. Lucia will always be the psychopath that burned villages and sided with evil gods because power was so alluring, and Amara the one who unleashed evil to fulfill her selfish needs. Some rare acts of kindness don't erase that fact.

“Perhaps the past didn't matter anymore.

Only magic mattered. Only survival mattered.

Only power mattered, in whatever form she could possess it.”

Morgan Rhodes created a marvelous series, and with this grand finale gave the readers everything they ever wanted. Until next time, Mytica!

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