Furyborn (Empirium, #1)

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Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, New Adult

Release Date: May 22, 2018

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

It is with great pleasure that I present you the best release of 2018.



(Actually it’s a tie between Furyborn and Sky in the Deep. Please don’t make me choose, I love them both.)

Once upon a time, the angels roamed the world, burning it to cinders. But the Seven Saints rose and defeated them, and locked them way in a dark, dark prison, and thus ensuring the future of mankind. But their exile shall not last. As foretold by angel Aryava, the Gate separating them from humans will fall, and they will return, seething with rage and hatred, seeking to dominate the land of Aritas. That is when two human Queen will rise, two Queens carrying the power of the Seven combined. A Queen made of blood, and a Queen made of light. 

One of them will save the world. 

The other will destroy it.

“Some say the Queen was frightened 

In her last moments

But I like to think that she was angry”

A few years ago I read Claire Lengrand’s Winterspell. It was a truly unique novel, and Claire’s writing was sparkling with magic, but I was left a little unsatisfied. Wanting something more, something that would enchant me and make my skin tingle with anticipation and my heart flatter in my chest. And now, four years later, she delivered what I craved. She made me bow to her exquisite pen and boundless creativity. Because Furyborn was bloody brilliant. Featuring elemental magic, prophecy, angels, war, politics, fierce and diverse characters and sweeping romance, it bedazzled me to the point all I could feel and breathe was Claire’s words. With her dual PoV, alternating between Rielle and Eliana’s time, she managed to fill a 1,020 years gap and make you equally invested in their stories, which were intertwined in the most satisfying way. She mixed fairydust and blood, and she created a stunning saga that filled your veins and your cells, that took you to a rich and dangerous world that made your body hum with energy like a living wire, and filled your mind with images and senses you could not erase. 

“We all have darkness inside us, Rielle. That is what it means to be human.”

Deeply sensual and lush, Furyborn was brimming with intriguing and three dimensional characters. Rielle was a rather controversial one, a girl banished from the world who could not quench her insatiable hunger for attention, for admiration, for power and love.

Eliana, the Dread of Ornline, was a bounty hunter who silenced her conscience and committed terrible crimes in order to protect her family.

 Always present, a shadow working as a puppeteer, was Corien, a villain that gave you goosebumps and was too alluring for your own good.

But every story needs a knight in his shining armor, a ray of sunlight between the looming shadows and Furyborn was no exception. Prince Audric Lightbringer, the powerful sunspinner and soft marshmallow extraordinaire warmed your insides and made you want to cuddle him and keep him safe at all costs.

And then there was Simon, connecting the past with a present, a tortured soul devoted to the frantic request of a dying mother.

“We are all of us dark creatures, but if we linger in those shadows, we’ll be lost. Instead we must seek the light when we can, and that’s just what you’re doing. I see it happening.”

Furyborn was an intense novel. The most astounding thing about it was that you knew the majority of the important events that would take place since the first chapter. And due to this fact, you tried to guard your heart, to not get attached to characters you knew would perish or give in to the darkness, but it was a lost fight. You struggled and fought, but they crawled into your soul and tore it to shreds nonetheless.

All in all, Furyborn is a beautiful, dark and seductive masterpiece that will haunt me for a while. There’s nothing more I can say except READ IT PEOPLE.

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