Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser 2016

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Booknest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser is a charity project between Readers and Writers

One hundred Authors have pledged a signed and dedicated copy each, which you can win by joining (donating) our lottery, or later, our auctions. The money that we will manage to raise will then be donated to Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières).

UPDATE: It's over! We raised a total of $4.351 for MSF.  You can find the lottery and auction winners here: RESULTS & WINNERS

There may not be any more prizes, but if you still want to donate, you can still do so by clicking on the below picture:

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The 100 amazing authors that pledged a book to our cause are (in alphabetical order, sorry Zachary):

A. Stuart WilliamsRat-A-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp

Aderyn Wood ~ The Raven

Adrian Tchaikovsky ~ TBA

Afe Smith ~ TBA

Al Robertson ~ TBA

Amanda Bouchet ~ A Promise of Fire

Andy Remic ~ TBA

Anna Smith-SparkThe Court of Broken Knives

Anne Nicholls ~ Music From the Fifth Planet

Anthony Ryan ~ The Waking Fire

Ben Galley ~ TBA

Benedict PatrickThey Mostly Come Out At Night

Ben Jeapes ~ Time's Chariot

Betsy Dornbusch ~ Exile

Blair MacGregor ~ TBA

Brandon DragaThe Summerlark Elf

Brian Barr ~ TBA

Brian Lee Durfee ~ TBA

Brian O'Sullivan ~ Fionn: Defence of Rath Bladhma

Charles F Bond ~ TBA

Charles Phipps ~ TBA

Christian G. Cameron ~ TBA

Courtney Schafer ~ The Whitefire Crossing

Dale Triplett ~ Halcyon's Wake: Faith

Daniel Polansky ~ TBA

Daniel Potter ~ Off Leash

Dave de Burgh ~ TBA

David Benem ~ What Remains of Heroes

Deb E Howell ~ Healer's Touch

Django Wexler ~ TBA

Dominick MurrayRed Season Rising

D. Thourson PalmerOurs Is the Storm

Dyrk AshtonPaternus

Edward Cox ~ The Relic Guild

Elena May ~ Nightfall

Elspeth Cooper ~  Songs of the Earth

Emma Newman ~ Between Two Thorns

Gary Compton ~ TBA

GR MatthewsSilent City

Graham Austin-KingFae - The Wild Hunt

J.P. Ashman ~ Black Cross

James A. Moore ~ TBA

James DowneGrim Drifts of Sand & Fate

Jane Johnson ~ TBA

Jen Williams ~ TBA

Jenn StarkGetting Wilde

Joanne Hall ~ TBA

Jonathan FrenchThe Grey Bastards

Josiah BancroftSenlin Ascends

Julia Knight ~ Swords and Scoundrels

Juliana Spink MillsHeart Blade

K. A. Krantz ~ Larcout

Kate Coe ~ Green Sky & Sparks

Kenny Soward ~ TBA

Laura LamPantomime

Laura M HughesDanse Macabre

Lucy Claire HounsomStarborn

Luke Scull ~ TBA

Marc Turner ~ Dragon Hunters

Mark Lawrence ~ The Wheel of Osheim

Martin Owton ~ Exile

Mazarkis Williams ~ The Emperor's Knife

Michael J. Sullivan ~ Age of Myth

Michael MillerThe Dragon's Blade: The Reborn King

Michael R. FletcherBeyond Redemption

Mitchell Hogan ~ A Crucible of Souls

Myke Cole ~ TBA

Nathan BoyceAscent of the Unwanted

Olivier Delaye ~ The Forgotten Goddess

Peter McLeanDrake

Peter Newman ~ The Vagrant

Phil Tucker ~ TBA

R B WatkinsonThe Cracked Amulet

Richard Morgan ~ TBA

Rob Hayes ~  It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise

Robert Brockway ~ The Unnoticeables

Sammy HK Smith ~ In Search of Gods and Heroes

Scott Oden ~ A Gathering of Ravens

Sebastien De Castell Traitor's Blade

Simon MordenDown Station

Snorri Kristjansson ~ TBA

Stan Nicholls ~ Orcs: Forged For War

Stephen AryanBattlemage

Steve Mchugh ~ TBA

Steven Kelliher ~ Valley of Embers

Steven PooreHeir to the North

Sue Tingey ~ Marked

Susan BoultonHand of Glory

T L Greylock ~ The Blood-Tainted Winter

T.o. MunroThe Medusa's Daughter

Teresa FrohockLos Nefilim

Timandra Whitecastle ~ Touch of Iron

Tom GaskinSearch of the Lost

Tom Toner ~ TBA

Ulff Lehmann ~ Shattered Dreams

Vic James ~ Gilded Cage

Victor Milán ~ The Dinosaur Lords

Wade Garret ~ Genesis

Will Panzo ~ The Burning Isle

Zachary Barnes ~ Avengarde


Special thanks to Laura M Hughes, without whom this wouldn't be half as grand as it is.

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