Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms, #3)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy, Magic, Romance

“Believe in magic. Believe in the impossible.”

I do believe in magic. I do believe in the impossible. I believe in acts of courage and kindness even when is seems a lost cause, I believe in the knight in shining armor (whoever that legendary rescuer might be, even myself), I believe that no matter what the good will prevail, and thanks to Gathering Darkness, I believe that even the most hideous actions, the most desperate and lost heroes can be redeemed.

 “When the sorceress' blood is spilled, they will finally rise. And the world will burn.”

The world will burn leaving nothing but ashes, but no one is willing to stop searching for the elemental crystals. As we learn more about the godesses and the reasons behind Melenia's interest in the world of the Mortals, Magnus is trying to deal with the devastated truths that were revealed to him, Cleo to reclaim her kingdom, Jonas to keep the resistance alive and Lucia to fight the gathering darkness that tries to consume her. The Kraeshian royals seem determined to find the Kindred for themselves, the Watchers are divided and the people of Mytica still suffer under the cruel rule of the King of Blood. Blood is the answer to everything.

“Hatred is like fire. It burns the one who harnesses it. It's also extremely hard to see more helpful truths through its flames.”

Even though the third book of the Falling Kingdoms series started off rather slowly, it truly compensated in the last chapters. I could hear my heart pounding loudly in my chest, my jaw was clenched and I tried really hard to deal with the numerous deaths and revelations and the choices some of the heroes made. Morgan Rhodes can cause some strong emotions and make her heroes become a part of your universe, to make you concerned about them and their future, and share their feelings. There were many interesting characters (and most of them died, obviously) and she effortlessly prepared the road for an intense next book (until the release of which I will suffer, again obviously).

“Some sought revenge against their mortal enemies with the edge of a sword. Her plan for vengeance began with the edge of a smile.”

Cleo is developing her deception skills, she tries to manipulate and guide people towards her goal, despite the ache in her heart every time she has to pretend that she has made peace with the demise of her family and the loss of her kingdom. I still fiercely believe that her cause is the right one and that her heart is the purest, she actually came to care about Lucia and she fought to discover something good in Magnus.

“There is no goodness inside of me princess, so please don't waste time fantasizing that there might be.”

But there is. Igniting hatred in order to cover it didn't work for him, because Cleo got under his skin, and found out that he is selfish and selfless, mean and kind, all at once. Cleo and Magnus feel so wrong due to their past but so right at the same time, I don't know when it happened but I ship them. Hard. He will do the right thing in the end. I believe in him.

“We both want to embrace who we are, we both want to stop being used by others and discarded at their will. We both desperately want control over our destinies, and revenge over our enemies.”

Lucia my dear,your dream of being free of whoever tries to control you is fair, but you seriously need to consider visiting a therapist. He could help you with your anger management and your resentment towards everyone.

“Everything he touched turned to ash.”

Except saving Lys, Jonas didn't make a single right choice. If it wasn't for Cleo guiding him, he would wander aimlessly in Paelsia reciting how much he wants a better future for his people. The way he handled things with Felix is one example of said weak choices.

And I have no patience for the sequels. I'm going to curl into a ball and cry.


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