Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms #2)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy, Magic, Romance

Do you know the feeling when after finishing a good book, it takes some time and considerable effort to adapt to reality again, to make sense of your surroundings and comprehend the sentences that form in the lips of the people around you? When your mind is clouded and refuses to operate and the only thing that matters is to go back in this book, go back where your soul lies?

Rebel Spring is one of those books. After I finished it, I could hear people moving and talking, I recognized the need to study, but I just didn't care. Because it was that good.


“Sometimes, to regain sanity, one had to acknowledge and embrace the madness.”

Falling Kingdoms is the Young Adult version of A Song of Ice and Fire, without the explicit sex scenes and the gore. Rebel Spring took us one step further to unraveling the secrets and the meaning of the prophecy about the sorceress and the Kindred in the land of Mytica, which is now ruled by the King of Blood who keeps his people loyal by lying to them and killing anyone who opposes him.The Watchers interfere in the world of the Mortals for their own benefit, everyone has a secret agenda and our 4 heroes still try to figure out their place in their everchanging world.

One of Morgan Rhodes' best assets is that she doesn't fail to surprise you. There were so many unexpected deaths that I lost count and I had to read it again and again until I accepted what happened. Shocked and shouting profanities was my permanent state! When eveything was peaceful and calm, I got slapped in the face by a plot twist, and not only regarding who lives and who dies. Revelations of schemings and betrayals, romances out of the blue and people doing something out of their character are part of this uncanny ability of Ms. Rhodes.


“Father and I- we're very much the same. We'll do whatever it takes to get what we want, and we'll hurt whoever gets in our way, no matter who they are. Without conscience or remorse.”

Here's a moral question; is it ok to fall in love with the guy who killed the guy I was in love with? Because honestly, I did not see that coming. There are many things that Magnus needs to do to earn his atonement, since every time something atrocious happened in the name of the king he discarded his discomfort as irrelevant, but I deeply hope he will defy the monster he calls his father. He has some moments of humanity that show his heart will not be covered with ice for long.


“Think of me what you will. But I swear to the goddess I will have my throne back - and King Gaius will pay for his crimes.”

That's my girl! Cleo is still overly confident and naive, I have to admit that, but she started claiming her own fate with her small acts of defiance, and I expect great things from her!


“They tell me it's not evil. It doesn't feel evil, really. But there is a darkness taking hold, as if the night itself wraps me in an embrace that grows tighter every moment.”

Hmm I think she is going crazy. I liked her in the first book,but she has become so heartless and cruel that she matches her father. And the worst thing is, most of the times she likes that change, she embraces the darkness with open arms. Not a good thing.


Nope, I have nothing. He is still an indifferent character, he accomplishes nothing yet he makes it look like he does a lot. There are signs of developement though, so I just have to wait and see.

But you don't have to wait. You have to go read Falling Kingdoms and discover yourselves!


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