Symbol of Treason (Symbols Duet #1)

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Rating: 3.5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Symbol of Treason is Natalya Orekhov's debut, and it's truly promising!


Symbol of Treason narrates the story of Allison and Logan, two people seemingly different, marked by tragedies that haunted them in a different way. After a horrible childhood in the hands of the Mafia, and an escape that cost her everything, Allison led her life hiding, praying that the monsters from her nighmares would never find her. Logan, on the other hand, chose the path of revenge. He became a force to be reckoned with, fearsome, cruel and distant, with only one purpose in mind; destroy them. But when he crossed paths with Allison, something changed. They both wanted more, more than merely existing. Something they never dared dream before. But their past caught up to their present, and threats are not eliminated on wishful thinking alone. They demand blood.

“You betrayed me without knowing-stripped me raw. I wanted to punish you. Hurt you in an attempt to prove you hadn't made me weak and pathetic. But God help me-I loved you more.”

Allison and Logan's story was powerful. Raw, since there were numerous occassions, especially when Allison's past came to surface, when I clenched my jaw and wanted to erase what I read from my brain. It affected me deeply, I was shaken, disgusted, desparate, angry and sad. Because of the vicious nature of the villains, their lack of morality that made them dangerous as well as despicable. And the worst thing is, stories like this actually occur in real life. That's what made my heart ache.

“I loved Logan and I hated him. He manipulated me, used me punished me; his life was full of anger and deceit; but despite all his darkness, I couldn't ignore the beam of light at his very core.”

But Natalya Orekhov's gripping writing also showed that the clouds can be dispersed, that light can warm even the darkest souls, when you are fortunate enough to meet true love. The salve to all wounds. Logan and Allison's connection ran deep, sometimes beyond reason, and led them to paths they never thought they would cross. 

However, there were some flaws I can't help but mention. There were many editing problems, like words missing and wrong punctuation marks that could make reading tiresome, but that's something easily amendable. What bothered me slightly more, was the occasional lack of coherence. Sometimes I felt like I missed a paragraph or even a page that would better explain this or that particular course of thoughts or actions. And the same happened with the development of Logan and Allison's relationship. I could feel their connection, I could really feel it in my bones, but I did not understand how it was established

Setting these issues aside, Natalya Orekhov's debut was a remarkable, thought-provoking work. She raised her voice for those who can't, she painted the cruelty of our society, the cruelty we show every time we fake a smile and avert our eyes at the injustice and the pain right before us. I am eager to find out how this journey of love and revenge will conclude!


*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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