The Space Between the Stars

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     Give me a romance and I would say no thank you, no matter how well-written it is or how imaginative the setting is. Romances are not my thing. This one was good and I was lucky this time though, for two reasons. Firstly for reading it because had I got sense of the romantic element before getting it into my hands, I wouldn't have given it a chance and secondly because it totally deserved my time as it is one of the most refreshing science fiction novels I have read recently. 


 “Hope is never stupid. It lets us work things through, and figure out all the what ifs.”    “Isn’t it worse?” Mila put in. “Hoping for something and not getting it?”    “I don’t think it is,” Lowry said. “Hope isn’t the same as having. There’s room in it for all the ways things could be.”

      For those of you questioning yourselves about the genre of The Space Between The Stars, I have to say that it does not belong to one particular genre as Anne Corlett manages to write a sci-fi quest (reminding those medieval quests) set out in the universe with some dystopic and some romantic elements.

     An overcrowded Earth which fought overpopulation by spreading out in colonies all over the universe on smaller planets, and a destructive virus which seems to have annihilate all human life across the universe. Jamie is one of the few survivors who woke up in a small planet miles away from earth after having been struck by the deadly virus, realising that she is one of "Zero point zero zero zero one percent" who have survived the deadly virus. Terrified that she is the only alive human being in the universe she sets off in a quest to find she is not alone.

     The plot is seen through Jamie's POV and at times she was a bit tiring nevertheless I loved the interesting multifaceted characters Corlett has created together with the world she has developed. It is beautifully written with some inspiring ideas. 

 “Home’s what’s left over when you’ve figured out all the places you don’t want to be.”

     The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the main character's romantic worries as I would like to see more action rather than her sentimental worries. Apart from that though The Space Between The Stars is a gem and I totally recommend it to science fiction lovers.

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