The Legion of Flame (The Draconis Memoria #2)

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 Anthony Ryan is, without a doubt, one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time. 

     Despite the immense efforts of the mercenary band Longrifles, the White Drake, bringer of doom and once slaver of mankind, is now released back in the world. The Ironship Trading Syndicate has no other option than sending their best agent, Lizzanne Lethridge, to a suicide mission, in the hope of finding a single man who, by all accounts, should have died some hundred years ago. Claydon Torcreek, on the other side of the world, found the mysterious man from his vision, Captain Corrick Hilmore, and together with the crew of the Longrifles and the Viable Opportunity, embark on a journey to a land that no man has ever set foot on. Will they find what they're seeking for in order to destroy this new threat, or will their questions remain unanswered? 

      He trailed off as he saw the expression on her face, wide-eyed and pale, staring fixedly at something that had banished her drunkenness in an instant. Fighting a sudden paralyzing dread, Sirus pulled the knife from his belt and followed her gaze.
     The drake sat atop a near by goods cart, head cocked at an angle as it regarded them with a curious gaze, its tail coiling idly like a somnolent snake. Two very salient observations immediately sprang to Sirus's mind. Firstly, the drake's size. It was far smaller than any he had seen before, little bigger in fact than an average-sized dog, forcing him to conclude it must be an infant. Second was its colour. Not Black, not Green, not Red. This drake was entirely White.

     Anthony Ryan's Blood Song was, undoubtedly, one of the strongest fantasy debuts in the last couple of decades, earning him hundreds of thousands of fans. Most of those fans were then disappointed that books #2 & #3 weren't nearly as good as the first. Some of them were even skeptical of starting The Draconis Memoria in the fear of the same kind of disappointment with the later installments. I'm here today to excitedly declare that this ISN'T. THE. CASE.  If anything, The Legion of Flame was far better than the already amazing The Waking Fire

     Both Michael J. Sullivan and Mark Lawrence called Ryan a "master storyteller", and in The Legion of Flame Anthony proves them right. From his graceful and solid prose to his exciting and engaging narration, from his complex and intricate world-building to his skilfully intertwined plot points, and from his mesmerizing and multi-leveled characters to his well-thought-out and balanced magic system, The Legion of Flame is a complete, fascinating, unparalleled, and perfect in any possible way, PIECE OF ART

The Legion of Flame is now released internationally (you can buy it HERE), and I wholeheartedly recommend it. 

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