Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)

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 I may be taking a risk here, still having March and all that, but I'll call Kings of the Wyld the debut of the year. 

Clay Cooper leads a peaceful and quiet life. He takes some shifts in the City Watch, he drinks a couple of beers in the King's Head, and spends some quality time with his wife and daughter. Or at least he used to. Because right now he's robbed, hungry, and on the road, trying to do the unthinkable; re-unite his old mercenary band called Saga, cross a forest full of every possible monster you have ever imagined and then some, and face a horde of one hundred thousand strong. What could possibly go wrong?

“But what does a mirror know? What can it show us of ourselves? Oh, it might reveal a few scars, and perhaps a glimpse—there, in the eyes—of our true nature. The spirit beneath the skin. Yet the deepest scars are often hidden, and though a mirror might reveal our weakness, it reflects only a fraction of our strength.” 

I started this review by saying that I'm taking a risk, but the true risk here was taken by the author. Eames wrote a story of tragedy and darkness, but in an amusing, humoristic and light-hearted tone. To do so without turning the work into a parody, talent and experience are required. Eames has the first but not the second. And yet, he pulled it off, and more than successfully so. 

Eames is excellent with prose, in fact one of the best that I've recently reviewed. He used an intense "thriller-like" method of pacing which he successfully mixed with the humorous tone he introduced with a specific character's appearance. While Eames tells a straightforward story, he also gets into some strong explorations of the characters' characters, pasts and motivations, things that help to carry the story. He is also great in the small reversals of scene, especially those concerning the characters. You may dislike, even hate some of them, and then love them or realize that you were unfair. 

All in all, Kings of the Wyld is a pleasant, poignant, well-told and engaging story, and Nicholas Eames is a talented author who's here to stay. 

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