Swarm and Steel (Manifest Delusions #3)

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Fletcher's new stand-alone novel in the world of Manifest Delusions is, simply said, mind-blowing. Literally. 

Zerfall, a powerful Gefahrgeist, is the leader of the Täuschung; a mad religion with its own private hell called Swarm. She had been ruling this religion for hundreds of years, up until the moment that she was struck in the head. Now she hasn't only lost her memories, but her powers as well. And when she is mortally wounded, she doesn't know that she must die. So she doesn't.  

Jateko is a young, naive barbarian. He somehow got the impression that if he eats the brains and internal organs of his enemies, he will absorb their power and wisdom. So he does. 

In a world where everything you believe is true, where belief shapes reality, Zerfall and Jateko will start an arduous and seemingly impossible quest that should, by all accounts, fail. But who really dares to stand in their way? 

"Harea, God of the Sands, backed by the belief and worship of thousands of Basamortuan tribes, towered above him. The god bent his will against him, tried to erase him from reality, tried to undo the knot of his story, remake reality as if he had never been. But a few thousands deranged souls incapable of working in concert were nothing; he was millions. He was reality. I am Legion."

Fletcher's intricate and ingenuitive work results in a mesmerizing story that deserves to be praised. From eloquent and lucid prose to thought-provoking and humorous dialogues, from exciting action sequences to shocking plot-twists, and from compelling characters to an exceptionally developed magic system, Swarm and Steel has it all.

If you liked Beyond Redemption and loved The Mirror's Truth, then Swarm and Steel is the book you are looking for *Jedi hand gesture*. If, on the other hand, you are new to the world of Manifest Delusions, then you have nothing to be afraid of; the book is a standalone with new characters and a re-explained world/magic system. 

All in all, Swarm and Steel is a book to be savored. 

You can pre-order the book HERE

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