The Heart of Stone

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The Heart of Stone is the first book of Ben Galley that I ever got to read, and oh-boy do I ache for more.

Task is, and was for all of his life, a war machine. Build with stone and magic more than four hundred years ago, his only purpose is to serve. Bought and sold between Kings, Generals and Warlords, Task doesn’t pick sides - he kills everyone instead. But just because he is good at it, it doesn’t mean that he likes it. So when he’s given a chance for redemption, he is willing to sacrifice everything to get it. 

"The golems were originally status symbols. Simple magic tricks to entertain and boast to travellers. When a golem one day defended a Chanark king against an assassin, they began to used for war. A race started, one to build bigger and better machines of war. From stone, to bone, to wood, to mud, to flesh, golems have fought alongside men for decades. They are made to wreak havoc. In Haspia, where the finest golem-builders in the Harmony reside, the world golem means 'chaos'." 

Ben Galley’s first stand-alone novel is an engaging and exquisite story with interesting premise and a different setting than your average fantasy book. From the fascinating world-building to the intriguing, colorful and memorable characters, The Heart of Stone is a pleasure to read. 

Galley took a risk in not following the traditional three-act structure, relying instead on the readers’ pure interest in the characters until the plot is laid in the second half of the book. The risk paid off, and the author successfully managed to braid themes of morals, ethics and principles with the POV of an immortal Golem. 

The Heart of Stone will be released on March 30, 2017 and there’s only one thing that you should do. Pre-order.

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