Veiled Intentions (The Dragon's Blade #2)

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Veiled Intentions is a richly imagined, powerful and poignant story, and a stairway that Miller both built and ascended, leaving the land of the good and joining the band of the great. 

Castallan is stronger than ever. He offers a world where humans are the dominant race, stronger even than the Dragons. Many are inclined to hear his word, to believe him and take part in his revolution. But not Dranuir. The King of Dragons is set to stop the powerful mage, reclaim his home, and then face Rectar, the true threat to the world. But will the other two races help him in his arduous quest, or will they, too, stand in his way?

“There is a simple saying among my people: ‘rotten to the roots’. Aborists use it when a tree is beyond saving and should be cut down, burned, its very roots dug away. The poison runs so deep, even the roots must go to give the best chance for new life to grow. As I investigate the history between the Aurishan Dragons and the descendants of Dranus, I am inclined to say it. Rotten to the roots. With humans, it is only marginally better.”

Veiled Intentions is an engaging story with functional and vivid imagery that expertly fuses envisaged action scenes, three dimensional and well developed characters, cohesive and engaging narrative, and a well structured and ever-expanding plot. 

Among the Dragons, Fairies and Golems, Miller uses many archetypes, but he does so in his own unique way, altering and adapting them to the needs of his novel. The combination of expertly used diction and well shifted syntax proves that Miller has grown up as an author, surpassing his former self and constantly developing his skills. 

All in all, Veiled Intentions is a marvelous story and a book that you should eventually read, and if you haven’t even started the first book, now is the time to do it. Veiled Intentions is due to be published in a mere three days!

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