Red Tide (The Chronicle of the Exile #3)

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Red Tide is worthy of a fantasy award. Find one and give it to Turner.

To begin with, you have to admit Turner's genius. He created his world by writing two separate stories that take place simoultaneously, but in a different place and with different characters and, as a result, not only does he provide us with eight unique POVs but he manages to avoid overcrowding his novels. Add to this number the two newest POVs from Red Tide, and you now have ten different characters to tell you a story (or multiple stories), used alternately so as not to bore or suffocate you. And while you could start your journey to The Chronicle of the Exile realm with either of the first two books, you now have to catch up with both of them before reading Red Tide. The stories may not intertwine (yet), but the characters surely do

"The best leaders were those who could see farther than others. And that would be Galantas's task here tonight: keep his kinsmen's gazes directed to the horizon so they didn't notice him digging the ground out from under their feet."

In his third novel Marc has already established his world-building & magic system (since it's a continuum of sorts to Dragon Hunters), and he now has more time to simply tell his story. And -oh boy- isn't he doing it just flawlessly?.  Full of plot twists, shocking elements, exciting action and humorous elements (without shading off his serious and grim tone), Red Tide is an indisputable high point of the series (so far). 

Before closing my review, I would like to mention something my eye caught the other day. I saw (I can't recall where) Amerel (a new main character) referred to as "the female Jorg Ancrath". Fortunately, that is not the case. Although they share some traits; with her being gritty, ruthless and cunning as he is, the resemblance stops there.

Spoilers Where Jorg would never hesitate to sacrifice a temporary companion's life to save his own (Lesha's beheading), Amerel did so (Noon's foot in the portculis). When Jorg would never abandon his lifelong companions (Road Brothers), Amerel did so (Guardians). Finally, when Jorg would never bend his knee (as seen in the whole trilogy), Amerel did exactly so (as seen with Avallon). End of Spoilers  And, with Amerel being such a wonderful and original character, it's a shame for us to cast Jorg's shadow on her. 

To conclude, Red Tide deserves to be on top of your TBR list.




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