Dragon Hunters (The Chronicle of the Exile #2)

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Read from September 09 to 18, 2016

I will start this review with a quote from a previous review of mine, dating back to 2014


"If you regularly follow my reviews, you must have already noticed that nine out of ten times I don't get to enjoy the next installments in a series as much as the first one (probably due to the fact that I'm already acquainted with the world & character building, as well as the magic system, so i am less impressed by the rest of the story). King of Thorns is the exception to the "rule". The one out of ten."

Marc's second book falls into the same category. 

The second installment in The Chronicle of the Exile has nothing, yet everything to do with the first. Set in a different place, on the same time, this is a story of love and hate, revenge and forgiveness, survival and sacrifice. A story of ideals and values. Marc's ability to compose a realistic plot structure while maintaining the magic elements and exciting action sentences, is something to be praised

 “Sometimes memories warm you, but more often they serve only to remind you of things lost. To live with the past, you need to have a future too.” 

Dragon Hunters is a book like no other. A quality fiction with an intricate plot presented by a propulsive narrative with lovely & lavish descriptions, resulting in an intelligent and mesmerizing world-building. The depth of characterization brings in life the inner darkness of the protagonists, highlighting the injustice of a morbid society where bad things happen to good people, bad people, and everyone in general. A world where equality, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness is better left for another day

Dragon Hunters is an excellent story of modern fantasy, and one of the best reads of 2016. Red Tide, The Chronicle of the Exile's third installment is due to be released on September 20th 2016. This is the perfect time for you to read the previous books. *Jedi hand gesture* "You should buy these books. Like now."


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