Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow #2)

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Read from January 24 to February 01, 2015

My TBR list consists of more than 300 fantasy series (that's right, series as trilogies, pentalogies etc), so i always considered a re-read a waste of time. Why read the same book twice, when there are thousand of new stories out there waiting for you? Tower Lord is the only book, in my life, that i actually read more than once. That has to mean something.


Tower Lord is nothing like Blood Song. Although we still follow Vaelin's saga, this time three new players enter the game, with their own POVs. Brother Frentis, Princess Lyrna and Reva are interesting and complex characters that enrich the story. They are carving their own paths with deeply thoughtful and moving stories, but all events are eventually intertwined. The most striking aspect of their story-lines is how each and everyone of them is growing and learning, coming to conflict with themselves and with others, and realizing that the world is harder than they thought,  but also more rewarding.

“Is a lie really a lie if it is honestly believed? Your people sought to make sense of the world’s many mysteries with their Faith. Misguided perhaps, but based on a truth not fully revealed.”

The world building as well as the magic system are further developed, giving you some glimpses behind the veil. The fighting scenes are mesmerizing, and the naval battles are Ryan's specialty. Finally, one of the most striking aspects of the Tower Lord is Anthony's technique of simulating the appearance of danger without actually jeopardizing his well structured plot.

All in all, Tower Lord is a great continuum of Vaelin's Saga (aka Raven's Shadow), and if you have already read and liked the first book, you shouldn't wait any longer for the second.

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