Search of the Lost (The Knights of Ezazeruth #1)

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It is only natural for a writer to improve his work with the passage of time. A future work may lack some (or all) of the elements that hooked you up in the first place, but you can't deny that the author has matured and stepped up his game. What is not natural is to experience such an improvement in the length of a single book. Search of the Lost began as a three star, old-school and classic fantasy story, and finished as a perfect five, tragic and darkly-hued tale with well-laid plans gone chaotic and hopes grounded to dust. 

 Although Tom's debut had a compelling flavor from the beginning with solid and well-crafted writing, i was troubled by the unrealistic events that took place here and there.For example, a dying Captain giving the complete control of his troops to a mere -still in training- soldier that impersonates the captain for days without anyone telling the difference, a King with absolute power controlled by a Colonel without an apparent reason, a Commander seizing and imprisoning a group of soldiers who claimed that they are sent to a mission of national importance by the King without troubling himself to check their papers. But that ends abruptly after the first half of the book.  I suddenly found myself absorbed within the skillfully executed narration which is vividly depicted as the story unfolds, presented by a straightforward prose and a conservative pace, resulting in mesmerizing series of events with exciting action set pieces and unexpected circumstances.

"I beg, if you do not stop those who have done these terrible crimes, then i ask you end my life now, so that I will see no more pain or torment, and that i can forget what a cruel world this has become."

 The characters are well-built and realistic; they keep evolving throughout the story, displaying a roller-coaster of emotions. The world building is deliberately kept at a low ebb, providing only the bits and pieces you need without boring you with details. The magic is rather absent, with the limited presence of one or two mystical displays, but without explaning their origin or structure. Finally, worth mentioning is the fascinating finale, with a plot-twist promising to blow-your-mind

All in all, Search of the Lost is a solid debut from a promising author, and a story of epic fantasy that keeps you hooked from the first page. Buy it. Read it. Discuss it with me. Don't leave me alone guys! 

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