Queen of Fire (Raven's Shadow, #3)

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Read from October 03 to October 15, 2015

The Queen of Fire was a nice book, bringing Vaelin's Saga to an end and closing all the open threads, but unfortunately it was not what i was anticipating.

“He recalled those brief years when his song had fallen silent, his refusal to heed it leaving him bereft, without guidance. It had been hard to be so rudderless in a sea of chaos and war. This, however, was much worse, because now there was the chill, the bone-deep cold that had seeped into him in the Ally’s domain and lingered on here in this world of myriad paths, all seemingly so dark. And the words, of course, those words that hounded him from the Beyond. We will make an ending, you and I.” 

As a stand alone book, Queen of Fire is good work. You get to learn the final outcome of the story, all of the smaller plot arcs come to an end, and no loose threads are left hanging. But Queen of Fire is not a stand alone book, but the continuity of Raven's Shadow, one of the greatest fantasy stories of the last decade. And as such, it's simply... disappointing.  All characters are flat and written in the same voice (for example Frentis was a miniature of Vaelin. It was like reading about the same character), a lot of characters were unnecessary, and finally the main protagonist had the less interesting story-line. It was a nice book, but not the epic conclusion i was expecting. The only possible explanation that i can think of, is that the publisher forced Anthony's hand, making him write & publish a book in the space of a few months, without giving him enough time and space to properly finish his story. 

To conclude, Raven's Shadow is a great story, and i totally recommend it to all fantasy readers. If we are lucky enough, perhaps Anthony will write a 4th book, with a properly befitting conclusion to this awesome story.

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