Saint's Blood (Greatcoats #3)

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Read from April 19 to 23, 2016

Reading all three Greatcoats installments back-to-back, it's rather hard to write separate and different reviews for each one. Saint's Blood is exactly like the first 2 installments of the Greatcoats series. I don't like to get repetitive, but I have nothing different to offer here. De Castell's books are characterized as high fantasy with a fairy tale aura to it, with fast (yet relaxing) pacing, unexpected circumstances, witty humor, and greatly developed characters. 

In Saint's Blood you will find again the same episodic feel to it, as with the other books, although this time the story seems to develop further down the line of the main arc, leaving the smaller arcs behind. Some topics (like the Falcio-Ethalia love story) get repetitive and rather boring, but this is to be expected. Another nice part of the story is the moral and theological issues raised, as well as the inner struggles of the protagonists. 

"You don't reason with mobs for the same reason you don't reason with hordes of fire ants: they're too stupid to understand what you're saying and eventually they'll just swarm over you. Which isn't to say you don't talk to them. Words are important. Words are, by and large, what got them to become a mob in the first place."

All in all, Tyrant's Throne is a great book from an even greater author. If you liked the previous 2 Greatcoats installments, you should undoubtedly proceed to the 3rd. 

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