Knight's Shadow (Greatcoats #2)

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Read from April 10 to 17, 2016

Knight's Shadow is the undisputed high point of the series so far. De Castell removed the obnoxious, fairy-tale elements from the first book (Magical horse, wicked step mother, princess-for-rescue), and staved off the protagonists from the safe zone (Spoiler: Well, not entirely, but the whole "I cut my own hand" thing was cool and totally unexpected).

 The plot twists were again amazing, with some of them being pleasantly shocking, and others oh-not-so-much. The protagonists are even further developed, providing a personal feeling to the story, and putting the reader in their place, or as the fourth member of the team.

“He’d told me the world could be the most lovely place you could imagine, so long as your imagination was fueled by love.” 

In the negative part, I found a rather disturbingly lack of direction in the story (although there was a ultimate goal). I felt like I was reading some (seemingly random) short stories, that eventually (and miraculously) connected to each other- like watching an episodic tv series. You enjoy it, but don't really care about the ending. 

All in all, Knight's Shadow is the best installment on the Greatcoats so far, and I totally recommend it to every light-fantasy reader out there.

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