Disintegration (Malfunction Trilogy #2) by JE Purrazzi - book review

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5/5 stars

This second installment of the Malfunction series (first book reviewed here) is gritty, dark, hilarious, and inventive. It picks up where Malfunction lets off - the Hub is hurtling through space to find Timur, a planet that is hopefully habitable for the last of humanity left after the Wreckers have destroyed Earth. 


Menrva is placed into a leadership role that she didn’t ask for. And hard decisions await her. Leading isn’t easy, as she soon finds out. Cowl is on the edge, as usual, and starts an uprising that sets the Hub in turmoil. And Bas? Oh, Bas. He’s unraveling at the seams. The side characters continue to shine, including Titus (oh how I love you), Capricorn (oh how I hate to love you), Dennis, and Viktor. The main antagonist, Eris, is well fleshed out, and oh so scary. She’s one of my favorite “bad guys” I’ve ever read.  


As per usual with Purrazzi, the genius lies in character development, believable storylines, and mayhem galore. Strong themes of friendship, identity, and what makes us human continue to light up the pages. The action is nearly nonstop, sending the reader through a tailspin with barely any rest. Each character has motivations, and although the book takes place in only one setting, the worldbuilding feels seamless and consistent. 


5/5 stars! Fans of science fiction, dystopian fiction, relatable and strong characters, and terrifying beasts are sure to devour this series. The last installment is already out, so be on the lookout for my review of Connection. 


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