I Was a Teenage Weredeer (Bright Falls Mysteries #1)

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Urban Fantasy at its finest.

 Jane Doe, as the title indicates, is a teenage weredeer. Now, one would think that being a weredeer is a big deal, but for Jane it's just life. After all, the rest of her family are weredeers as well, and they live in a small town in Michigan which is full of other shifters. So Jane leaves an ordinary, mundane life. Or at least she used to, up until the moment her best friend Emma (who's a werewolf btw) informs her that Jane's brother is the prime suspect for the murder of Emma's sister. What would a teenage girl do in such an event? Nothing less than investigate the murder herself, of course. 

 "The wind stopped for a second. I didn't know how long its invitation would last so I turned into my deer form and ran for the inside as quickly as possible. The moment my hind legs passed through the threshold, the door shut behind me and locked. We were getting some real haunted-house stuff here. Poltergeist meets the Evil Dead movies. I still had nightmares about the television and the laughing moose head."

I loved this book. What is there more to say? IWaTW has an interesting and unusual (in a positive way) format with a well-structured plot and a great in-depth characterization. The pace is excellent, with exciting yet dreadful events succeeding one another and building momentum for the finale.

The multi-leveled characters are likable (or compellingly distasteful) and interesting to follow. The world-building is masterfully developed and easy to delve in, and the magical elements are strategically placed to serve the story. Finally, I would be amiss if I didn't mention Phipps' delightful humor, full of deer puns and easy to spot cultural references. 

All in all, I Was a Teenage Weredeer is an amazing urban/contemporary novel with a perfect blend of action and humor, and I highly recommend it to every fan of this genre. 


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