Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen #1)

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Loved this to pieces. From characters and setting, to prose and pace, every single aspect of the book was magnificent. If I could give it 6 stars, I would. There's no point of reviewing such a popular book though, so I'll simply share some of my thoughts for people who have already read it. Spoilers ahead! 


While things seemed complicated at first, I knew that they would come together in the end, so I enjoyed trying to puzzle stuff together and figure out everyone's motives and whatnot. Unfortunately though, some things didn't make sense, and most specifically the Empire's plans. 

We are about to face our biggest enemy atm, the Lord of the Moon's Spawn. Let's just kill our own wizards instead before finishing the enemy!  We want to hire the local assassins of a city to murder the city's leaders, so we will naturally assign this job to the only motherfuckers that we don't trust! We will free a Jaghut Tyrant in the hope that our enemy will be forced to face him, but we won't unleash the most powerful demon in our disposal in the same time to call it a success! No! We will send them one after the other to make sure our enemies manage to defeat them! 


It doesn't make sense at all. I loved it! Everyone is immensely powerful and scared of everyone else at the same time. It sounds stupid but it isn't - it keeps you on your toes at all times since you don't know what to expect, and who will come on top.


-Anomander Rake-

That's the second baddest motherfucker in the history of bad motherfuckers. He's immortal, he's overpowered as fuck, and he doesn't give a fuck. 

-Ammanas and Cotillion-

My favorite characters! Interesting to see how while both of them are Ascendants with immense power they know not to fuck with Rake. I had trouble with the mystery surrounding them though. One on hand, Erikson pretends like their identity is a huge mystery, while who they are is clear to the reader from the very first chapter. On the other hand, their actions didn't make any sense. What did they try to accomplish in the first chapter? Why did Cotillion withdraw from Sorry after managing to infiltrate the Bridgeburners? 


The most interesting characters among them were Kalam and Quick Ben. I love how Quick Ben pretends to be an average wizard for the whole book, and in the end he just casually opens 7 warrens all at once and fucks things up.

-Ganoes Paran-

Disliked him in the beginning, but he kinda grew on me in the end. Dude had the weirdest psychological profile - clearly mental unbalanced, which made for some interesting confrontations with the Gods.

-Phoenix Inn regulars-

My favorite bunch of misfits, except Crokus whom I hated with a passion. Wanted to bitch-slap that little fucker with every turn of the page. Murillio, Rallick, Coll and Kruppe made the best team though.

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