The Seven (The Vagrant, #3)

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To publish your debut and manage to make it stand out among a myriad of other fantasy books isn’t an easy feat. 

To follow up in its success with a second installment which will be as good as the first and without suffering the middle-book syndrome is even harder. 

But to close the series, tie all loose ends, provide a satisfying ending as well as a crave for more, and most of all, avoid anticlimax, requires a vast amount of talent. Not only does Peter Newman succeed in doing so, but he also teaches you how it’s done.

    Vesper, the Seven’s Champion, is trying to do the unthinkable; Gather the leaders of all the world, Humans, infernals, and half-breeds alike, and unite them in a common cause; that of coexistence. But when the Seven awake, the cause is altered. Coexistence is no longer a problem; survival is. 

 "Six metal figures, perfect, gather together in a circle. Their voices are music, each weaving with the others, harmonious. Slowly, they sing of what has happened while they slept, of all that has gone wrong, and begin to debate what is to be done and how many will have to die."

   In The Seven, Peter kept the distinguished style we came to love in the first two books, but he has also altered it somehow, making it smoother and easier to get into. While you had to grab The Vagrant and read it in big batches of time, The Seven is a far more relaxing read, allowing you to put it down at times and then resume from that point without a lack of enthusiasm.

  Peter has done an excellent job in expanding the already established world-building, as well as in portraying the “alien” characters such as the Seven or the First. His true talent though lies in the writing itself; acute, intense and to the point, with wonderful prose and artistic turns of phrase, The Seven is a pleasure to read. The story itself is dark and grim as with the other two installments, but this time there’s a glimpse of hope in it. 

   All in all, The Seven is the perfect ending in a series that doesn’t only stand out, but may as well be the starting point of a new trope of fantasy. I highly recommend it to all Fantasy and Sci-Fi readers alike. 


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