Heart on Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #3)

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Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Fantasy Romance, New Adult, Greek Mythology

Release Date: January 2, 2018

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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"Do you know what I have in my heart? I have hope. And I'll share it with the world."

And she did. Cat shared with me her hope, her dreams, her fears, her lust and her love, she set my heart ablaze, and left me a wet, sobbing mess.

"I am mercy, but I am also death."

As expected, Heart on Fire was the perfect blend of steam, humor and heart pounding adventure! Once again, Amanda Bouchet excelled in the fantasy romance genre, and encompassed me in the journey of her heroes until all I could see, breathe and feel was them. The third instalment of the Kingmaker Chronicles followed Cat and Griffin’s efforts to reunite the land of Thalyria, and defeat the Fisan Queen and her polluted magic. In this final confrontation they were not alone; the Beta Team, their family, and some very powerful (albeit cruel) Olympians were on their side. With their gifts and their strength, their determination and devotion, they raised an army to challenge the wicked and defend the weak. Because that’s what they were made for.

"Trial by fire. 

It forges a heart of iron. 

And sets it alight."

Amanda Bouchet has the incredible talent to make your belly tremble with genuine, deep laughter, your eyes sting and water, your body tingle and your toes curl, all of them in the same book. Without losing Cat’s trademark sarcasm and her brash behavior, Heart on Fire was a traumatic but also a cathartic experience, for Cat and for the reader alike. The sassy heroine who grew up amidst fear and darkness, power games and distrust, but who was also loved, fiercely, unconditionally and reverently, concluded her journey, discovered herself and embraced her limitless potential after facing countless trials, physical and emotional. She reached her breaking point many times, and her refusal to believe in herself, to find the balance between kindness and ruthlessness almost cost her everything and everyone she held dear. But in this difficult road to self-discovery, she had by her side the haven to her tempest, Griffin. Their scenes varied between richly emotional and scorching hot (after all, it’s called fantasy romance for a reason), and Griffin’s unwavering loyalty and faith was really touching. And dreamy. And sexy, to be honest. 

"You'll still be my light in the dark, Cat. Even if you fall."

(See? How can you not love him?)

In Heart of Fire, free will clashed with destiny, in a lethal dance to fulfill one's Fate without depriving them of choice. Cat and Griffin were designed to be the pawns which were set into motion by the Gods themselves, and the meddling of the latter in human affairs was stronger than ever. But the power couple of Thalyria carved their own path, with their bare hands, with sweat and blood and desire to actually make a change, to fight for the oppressed and give them Elpis, hope for better days under the sun. Battles of epic proportions, Olympians radiating power and Elemental Magic made Heart on Fire unputdownable. Your ears ringed when swords collided, your skin prickled with the tangible essence of magic, and Beta Team was your team, their agony, their struggles, they touched you to the core.

"My heart is on fire, Griffin. I don't know when it'll stop."

Frankly, I hope that this bizarre yet wonderful feeling of burning to cinders because of your all-consuming love for characters so precious will never stop. Amanda Bouchet delivered an explosive, fast-paced and sizzling conclusion to a series that hooked my mind and my soul from the start, and I can’t help but repeat that Amanda, I kardia mou sou anikei. My heart belongs to you.

(Friendly advice: When you read Heart on Fire, have the tissues nearby. You’ll need them.)

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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