Breath of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #2)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Greek Mythology, Magic, New Adult

“You're the shield, and I'm the sword. Together, we'll forge a new world.”

A spellbinding, utterly delicious fantasy romance novel!

I can hardly put into words how much I loved Breath of Fire, or why I loved so intensly and reverently. It wasn't just the accurate depiction or greek mythology (which was obviously the result of thorough research), combined with a unique and whimsical world full of magical creatures and heart-pounding battles. Nor just the wonderful characters whose banters, devotion and friendship plastered a huge grin on my face, or the sizzling romance that made my chest burst with a tornado of feelings and my body tingle and sing and burn. It was all of them, bound together by Amanda Bouchet's talent and soul, and the result was riveting!

“Today, I will live, because I am Catalia Fisa, and I do not break.”

The Power Bid is on. Cat and Griffin and the rest of the Beta Team must make preparations in order to secure Sinta, conquer Thalyria and get rid of its selfish, brutal and bloodthirty leaders. While trying to gather support, they come across mythical monsters, Olympians and oracles, they participate in death tournaments and cheat Charos, they bleed and love and fight for a better future. And Cat must embrace her heritage and destiny, if she wants to be the weapon to alter, destroy and reshape the world.

“Harbinger of the end. Destroyer of realms. ”

I'm still trying to gather my wits after this mind-blowing sequel of Kingmaker Chronicles. Amanda Bouchet's captivating writing sucked me into adventures and made me travel, forget who I am, my responsibilities, my frustration, the prison of my reality and instead I felt at home, among friends, snarky and caring and tormented friends who warmed my heart and embraced me, who gave me a sword and taught me how to fight gigantic snakes, ensnare goddesses and challenge the Fates. Alternating between vivid battles, action and plots, and a steamy yet tender love story, Breath of Fire is the perfect fantasy novel for the hopeless romactics of the world who crave fireworks and scorching chemistry. The only drawback is that Griffin has probably ruined me for other men (which is totally fine by me).

“The minute you cease being afraid of yourself, there's nothing in this world that can stop you.”

Cat's character development was incredible. She still was reckless, stubborn and occasionally crazy and mean, but she started comprehending the effects of her actions, and while she was convinced that she was a horrible person who didn't deserve anything good or pure, she proved the opposite time after time. Accepting herself and her burdens was not easy, but she made the first steps when she opened her heart to Griffin, Kato, Flynn and Carver, and she continued on her path to power without losing her conscience. And Griffin, well, he was so much more than a hot alpha-male. The brave warlord actually cared for the world, and the people suffering, and he wanted to do something about it. The fierceness of his love for Cat, his trust and faith in her, his sweet declarations and heated gazes and wicked touches, they made him a character I wanted to hug. And kiss. And devour.

“I will never leave you. Only death can tear us apart, and even then, I will wait for you at the edges of the Underworld until you come to me again.”

After Breath of Fire, I am certain of one thing: dearest Amanda, i kardia mou einai diki sou. My heart is yours.

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