Skyward (Skyward, #1) by Brandon Sanderson - Book Review

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Rating: 5/5 stars

Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

2000 hrs., Alta Base, Flight Command Headquarters

Scholar: Flight Command, this is Booknerd Twelve, name Katerina. Callsign: Scholar.

Flight Command: What are you doing in the outer space, Scholar? Your mission is accomplished, you finished Skyward. Return to the base immediately.

Scholar: I’m not ready to leave, Command.

Flight Command: Why do you defy direct orders soldier?

Scholar: Because there was something about Skyward; the cinematic quality, the non-stop adventure, the humor and sarcasm, the wonderful crew and the heroine oozing bravado and determination, that won’t let me return. I need more time, to float in space, to soar the winds, to claim the stars, to let the fact that Brandon Sanderson is a master storyteller not only when he composes the most epic fantasy books ever written, but also the most solid, gripping and awe-inspiring YA science fiction sink in.

Flight Command: Why was it such a surprise, Scholar?

Scholar: Because the truth is, I was mad at him for engaging with a new YA project that delayed the release of Wax and Wayne #4 and Rhythm of War. But as soon as I took off with Spensa, as soon as I became a part of Skyward Flight, I regretted my anger and all the reservations that held me back. It was truly magnificent, another proof that Brandon Sanderson is the best author of his generation.

Flight Command: I understand all these, Scholar, but you have to return. Daydreaming in the outer space is a dangerous (and forbidden) habit.

Scholar: But sir, I have my own protectors!

Flight Command: Who?

Scholar: Doomslug the Destroyer, the most terrifying beast that feasts on the flesh of her enem-

Flight Command: That’s simply the cutest slug that ever existed, a soft cupcake.

Scholar: Well, there is also the Massacrebot, the most advanced spaceship that will hunt down the first born of his foes and-

Flight Command: You know he likes being called M-Bot. And he is not vicious, just a slightly insane talking spaceship that may or may not be the king of sass.

Scholar: Fine, there is also the fiercest warrior, Spensa Nightshade, callsign: Spin, the one who bathes in blood and drinks in her cup made of skulls and-

Flight Command: Spensa tends to get carried away, and being overly dramatic, but I do recognize that she is one of the bravest, strongest (and funniest) YA heroines out there. Before you start analyzing the might of Skyward cadets and Cobb, the journey to find the meaning of courage and camaraderie, I must confess that while you composed paeans about the glory of Skyward, we launched Reality missiles that will destroy your wings.

Scholar: No no no leave my wings alone, I’m setting the coordinates to return, just give me-

beep beep beep

Booknerd Eleven: Sir, was that really necessary?

Flight Command: She must learn to control her frenzy every time she reads a book written by Brandon Sanderson. Flight Command out.


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