Traitors Unseen (Inquisitors' Guild #3) by Dave Dobson - Book Review

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A prequel novella to Flames over Frosthelm, set about ten years before that novel, Traitors Unseen tells of events which happened when Emerra Denault was still just a Provisional Inspector in the Inquisitors' Guild in Frosthelm.

It is a tale of deception and corruption within the Inquisitors Guild and a plot to kill the Prelate. There is plenty of intrigue and conspiracy within the story, which is told from the first person perspective of the main character, Emerra, who uncovers the murder plot and endangers her own life in the process. She has to figure out just how high within the ranks of the Inquisitors' guild the corruption reaches and who exactly she can trust, which is no mean feat in itself. On top of that she has to try and clear her name and frame the perpetrators.

Although the novella is reasonably short the pace does not feel rushed and flows nicely from one action point to the next. The action points are exciting and written in a compelling way that held my attention and made me want to keep reading.

The characters are given enough back story to make them believable and the highly principled Emerra was very likeable - it was easy to keep rooting for her as she tried to clear her name of the conspiracy.

There was not too much magic in this novel - but I found the concept of the Augur's Pool intriguing and it must be an invaluable tool for the Inquisitors to have at their disposal:

"...there was the Augur's Pool, a magical device back at Guild headquarters. If you set objects around it and performed a ritual, it could show scenes revealing connections between the objects, often going back to earlier times. It was a major tool in our investigations, as it often showed crimes being committed and criminal committing them."

This book works as a standalone but is also linked to the novel Flames over Frosthelm, in which Emerra returns, later in her career. I will definitely be reading this novel at some point as I thoroughly enjoyed both Traitors Unseen and the author’s Sci Fi novel, Daros. As with Daros the chapter titles are ingeniously witty. I really appreciated the multiple plays on words employed in their creation.

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