Eyes of the Void (The Final Architecture #2) by Adrian Tchaikovsky - Book Review

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I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley and would like to thank the publishers Orbit, the author, Adrian Tchaikovsky and NetGalley.

In this action-packed sequel to Shards of Earth we once again have multiple points of view, many intriguing alien races, and a ton of weird and wonderful worlds and settings, and there just seems to be more of everything this time around. The stakes are raised even higher as we have multiple Architects appearing at once to attack and reshape the world of Arc Pallator while Idris and his companions are on the surface of the planet. There are also more of the divine Essiel, Tothiat and Hiver characters introduced than we met in book 1.

There are many ongoing mysteries in this series - the Originators’ ruins, the Presence sensed by travelers in unspace, and just who exactly are the slave drivers behind the destructive behaviour of the Architects. These are all intriguingly further explored in Eyes of the Void, but we will have to wait for the final book for their resolutions. 

All of the characters we got to know and love in the first book of this series are back again in Eyes of the Void, and we learn more about them and their species. Particularly interesting to me were the symbiotic Tothiats and the life cycles of the crablike Hannilambra, whose colonized world of Ittring we get to visit and which I found to be a very interesting location. 

Idris is kidnapped by a Tothiat and taken to a deadly radioactive planet which is home to an Originator city containing an ancient machine, which he is able to use via his Int capabilities to see into unspace and learn some of its surprising secrets.

Havaer Mundy (the spy working for Mordant House) is also back and turns double agent on discovering a plot hatched by a few elite families. The plot aims to save humanity from planetary destruction by the Architects by building a small fleet of enormous Ark ships. If there will soon be no habitable planets left this might seem to be a viable solution, but how would the candidates for survival upon the Arks be chosen and who by? 

The lawyer, Kris has a lot more focus on her in this story and shows her badass side via the dueling talents she learnt at university, which become an unexpected life-saving skill. She was one of my favourite characters in this book. 

Eyes of the Void has an amazing amount of action going on. There are kidnappings, rescue attempts, war between the Parthenon and Hugh, political machinations and a lot of heart-warming camaraderie amongst the close-knit crew of the Vulture God. If you enjoyed Shards of Earth you will undoubtedly love it!! 

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