SPFBO 8 Semifinalist announcement

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It's that time! We have a semifinalist announcement here at Booknest. Thank you to all the authors who submitted their work for assessment. It takes a lot of courage, and although there were things about each book that commend them, there can only be one. First I will have a brief summary of each of my books, and then at the end I will announce my semifinalist. 

The Courts of Fate and Fear by Elizabeth Trafalgar

Summary - A runaway princess is caught up in politics, intrigue, and war. The characters were well done, the writing flowed, and it needed some work on worldbuilding and a solidifying the magic system. Over all I enjoyed it. Full review here

A Matter of Dragons by Meredith Hart

Summary - a fun, sexy romp, with engaging characters. What it lacked in story line it made up for with pace and good writing. I quite enjoyed it. Full review here

Orange Storm by Ned Marcus

Summary - in my opinion this wouldn't have fallen under the fantasy category. It was more apocalyptic/science fiction. I did find it entertaining. Full review here

Augustine by Emerson Laine

Summary - an understated fantasy with a gothic feel. A great setting, with crisp writing, and well done characters. Full review here

The Assassin of Grins and Secrets by K.E. Andrews

Summary - immersive and captivating from the first chapter to the last. The worldbuilding, plot, characters, and themes interweave quite seamlessly, one not being sacrificed for the other. Full review here

The Last Lumenian by S.G. Blaise

Summary - a genre crossing story of friendship, courage, and triumph. I enjoyed this one, although the writing was too YA/MG for my taste. Full review here.

The Last Culling by Rachel Vaugh

Summary - unfortunately this was a DNF for me. The writing was good, but the worldbuilding was lacking and it was a very slow start. There is no full review. 

Child of the Moon by Audrey Simmons

Summary - this was also a DNF. Too little happened over the first few chapters, and it narrated every day life (eating, drinking, sleeping, getting dressed) in a way that slowed the story way down. There is no full review. 


There can only be 1 semifinalist...




My pick is.....







The Assassin of Grins and Secrets by K.E. Andrews!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to seeing what else comes of this story. 


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