Revenant Winds (The Tainted Cabal, #1)

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     With the start of a new series, Mitchell Hogan proves once again that he's one of the greatest fantasy authors of this decade. 

     Over ten thousand years ago, Lord demon Nysrog almost conquered the world, but he was stopped and imprisoned by the powerful sorcerers of old. Now, his loyal followers want to bring him back, and an unlikely team of misfits bands together to stop them: A part-time priest part-time mage, an immortal warrior and a thieve with demon blood start a journey of self-discovery, pilgrimage and death, with complex magic, ancient artifacts, demons and other mythical creatures thrown in their way. Will they succeed in their quest, or will Nysrog rise again? 

"Aldric realized what he faced. His stomach twisted, and his mouth went dry with fear. A wraithe. The first he’d ever seen. One of the elder races, a myth come to life. Older than old and possessed of power he couldn’t hope to match. Aldric was as good as dead. The creature would crack his bones and abuse his corpse, and then the Dead-eyes would have their perverted fun with it."

     The Sorcery Ascendant Sequence is one of my favorite fantasy trilogies of all time. It was, in fact, so good, that I doubted Hogan could write something better than that, but with Revenant Winds, Mitchell proved me wrong. Unlike SAS which had a number of faults, Revenant Winds is perfect in every possible way. 

    Every single aspect of the book was nicely crafted and well thought-out: The characters were quickly established and well developed, the world-building was vast and proficiently expanded by exploring it through-out the story, and the magic system had the appropriate depth and was balanced enough to influence the events and characters without undermining them.  

     If you're familiar with Hogan's work, you already know that all of his stories start out slow and pick up the pace as the stakes are rising, resulting in an ever-rising tempo. If this is the first time you read a Hogan novel, then don't be discouraged by the relatively slow start: It gets better and better. AND BETTER.

     Finally, the prose Hogan used to enrich the story is simple yet evocative, but the real gem of the story, as is with all of Mitchell's books, is the story itself. It will grip you from the first page and won't let you breathe until you've finished the book. All in all, Revenant Winds is a gem of a book by a talented and well-established author, and one that you should pick up and read asap. 

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