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     Brimstone is a literary fantasy novel unlike any other fantasy books I have read so far, since it mostly reminds me a good horror story narrated in a cinematic way. No knights and mage in this one.

      I loved the setting of the book even though the story unfolds in a relatively common place - in 1920s Florida, just after WWI. Priest succeeded in depicting the mysterious atmosphere of this hot and humid place which is full of mysteries. While reading it I felt like I was there and that is a result of Priest’s unique ability with words.

«I heard the settling mutters of songbirds, the awakening hoots of owls, and the rising calls of frogs and insects I might not recognize even if I held them in my hand for some up close and personal inspection. Overhead, the large, lacy leaves of palms filtered a few lights, and down along the streets I saw great fluffy plants with leaves like swords. Scraggly beards of moss dangled from trees, and beside my feet rested fist-sized magnolia pods, as hard as old leather»

     The story is seen through two different POVs Alice’s and Tomas’. Alice is a young woman with unique abilities in clairvoyance, who leaves from her home and travels in order to practice and learn more about her gift and shares a stranger’s dreams. Tomas’ on the other hand is a veteran of the WWI traumatized in the war who when returned home had to face an equally awful event; his wife’s death, when mysterious things related with fire take place in his house.

     Cherie Priest, is an undeniably talented author, her beautiful writing is full of vivid descriptions, throughout the whole book you feel that you are there, in Florida. What I liked even more though, is her ability to create these amazing characters, I loved Alice all the small things that Priest used when creating this peculiar (in a good way) woman. Each character in the book is different from each other and all of them are intriguing and enchanting.

     A small thing that I didn’t like though is that at points I felt that the pace was really slow, the story wasn’t moving fast enough at some points and at others it was really fast.

     All in all, Brimstone is a well-told story and a relaxed reading, totally recommended to those who lοve a good mystery.


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