The Wheel of Osheim (The Red Queen's War, #3)

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Read from May 28 to 31, 2016

***STOP PRESS***  The book of the year is out! Mark's second trilogy is now complete, and you may as well vote for him as the best fantasy writer of the decade.

The Wheel of Osheim is an undisputed high point of the series so far. The storytelling is great and unique, offering a cinematic vignette rarely seen in modern fantasy.The architecture is delicate and refined, offering a tender humanism at the book's core. There were one or two predictable events but they were easily overshadowed by the great characterization (worth mentioning is the outstanding depth of it, present in even minor characters as Lady Blue & Taproot), masterful story, and wonderfully built suspense.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw the scorpion on my plate jitter toward me on stiff legs, six glazed feet scrabbling for purchase on the silver. I slammed my goblet down on the thing crushing its back, legs shattering, pieces flying in all directions, cloudy syrup leaking from its broken body. All nine al’Hameeds stared at me in open-mouthed astonishment. “Ah . . . that’s . . .” I groped for some kind of explanation. “That’s how we do it where I come from!”" 

All in all, The Wheel of Osheim is the perfect conclusion befitted to an awesome trilogy, and something every fantasy reader MUST eventually read. 

Bonus: a rare gif of Prince Jalan facing the Unborn Prince:

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