The Forgotten Goddess (Sebasten of Atlantis, #1)

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Read from June 10 to 15, 2016

Olivier Delaye's debut was something i was reluctant to read, based on the description, cover, and that it was a debut in the first place (i prefer to read famous & well established authors, as to minimize the number of bad choices). In the end, i chose to make an exception, and what a choice i made!


The Forgotten Goddess is a fun, fast pacing and yet relaxing read, combining YA & grim old school fantasy, all skillfully executed with wit and solid prose. Olivier has a rare talent of manipulating your feelings while changing the point of view to what it seems like a minor character, making you eager to follow his tale and leave the rest of the characters in their own fate (As seen with Nikos Ekynos). The main story has a fairy tale aura to it, but not as seen in other books of the genre, such as Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. 

"In the beginning Down Below was but a vast body of water, as smooth and black as polished obsidian, and just as dead. Every night ice formed upon its surface, and every day the struggling sun melted it away in a never-ending cycle of freeze and thaw. Not a breath of wind had ever ruffled this sea of infinity. Not a drop of rain had ever disturbed its stillness. For then neither wind nor rain existed. Nothing existed. And it might have stayed that way forever."

The characters are quite likable and real-feeling, being very true to themselves while still growing, changing, and coming to conflict with each other. At this point you are probably wondering why the 3,5 stars instead of 4 (or even 5!). That's because there was a lack of action. It's like Harry Potter minus the confrontations with the Dark Lord. To be fair, that's probably going to be a good (and definitely bold) choice in the upcoming installments, building tension and anticipation, but it has it's impact in the first book.

Do you ever wonder, how is it that you always find out about awesome books/authors after they are already famous? Well, here's your chance to be part of a new hype from the beginning. For your next book, choose Olivier Delaye. Choose The Forgotten Goddess!

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