Shardik (Beklan Empire #1)

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Shardik is one of those books that don't age well...

Kelderek, a young hunter with a soft heart and a simple nature, witnesses an enormous bear fleeing a devastating fire that ravaged a forest near his home. Convinced that this bear is nothing more than the incarnation of the bear-god Shardik, Kelderek tries to convince the local Priests and Barons, who in turn sedate and cage the bear. But that doesn't last for long....

“And at once he went on with his burden, as though afraid that he might already have said too much in this country where the past was sharp splinters embedded in men's minds and an ill-judged word a false step in the dark.” 

Richard Adams was talented, no one can deny that. Just like in Watership Down, the vivid descriptions and carefully-crafted allusions come in contrast with the intriguing plot and the well-developed characters, building a beautiful pattern and resulting in a compelling narration. Unfortunately, the positives of this book end here. Weird and hard to pronounce names, numerous and unnecessary similes, lengthy metaphors and miscarried imagery come together to expand Shardik on excessive word count that will probably result in the reader casting the book aside. 

All in all, if you like old-fashioned lengthy fantasy with philosophical and religion dilemmas, then Shardik might be the book you are looking for. If not, perhaps you should leave it for another time... 


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