The Mirror’s Truth (Manifest Delusions #2)

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If you called The Mirror's Truth a masterpiece, you wouldn't do it justice. 

Bedeckt made a terrible mistake. By abducting Morgen, he destroyed Konig's life work. What was pure and determined and worthy is now cunning and corrupt and full of self-doubt. The mad boy-god is now ascended and loose, and he wants to enslave humanity with his delusional dream of a perfect world. Bedeckt is the only one who can stop him, and in order to do so, he has to betray his only friends. But can you really escape the desire for revenge of the most powerful Kleptic and The Greatest Swordsman in the World

“We are each living a story. What many of us are too afraid to admit is that we are the authors of our story. You are living the life you chose for yourself. You are living the result of each and every one of your choices. If you are letting others make decisions for you, you are allowing them to write your story. Do they have your best interests at heart? If you are unhappy, whose fault is that? Don’t like your life, go write yourself a better one.” 

One of the greatest challenges an author will ever face, is to create a setting as powerful as his characters. Fletcher makes it look easy; not only does he deliver, but he also excels on every front.  The enchanting and delightful prose, the thrilling yet smooth pace, and the exotic and compelling storytelling come together to wave a tale of shocking but wanted violence that would put every other grim tale to shame.

Fletcher's fantasy debut had but one problem; the dull and tiresome POV of an unwanted character. This problem is not present in the sequel, and there are virtually no others. The characters are fascinating and well developed, the already established world is further expanded and explored, and the magic system is beautifully structured and enthralling

All in all, The Mirror's Truth is one of the greatest fantasy books I've ever read, and I urge you to drop anything else you are currently reading, and pick this one up instead. 

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