Emperor of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #3)

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Emperor of Thorns is Mark Lawrence's greatest work up to date (The Wheel of Osheim is out). 

"If i come back from Congression and I'm still not Emperor, I'm not going to be in the mood for excuses."

Emperor of Thorns, just like it's predecessors, is featuring two different POVs of the same character. One in the past, covering the time period between the events of the second and third book, while the other, in the present, is following Jorg's tale in the path of conquering and uniting the Broken Empire, and crowing himself Emperor. The stakes are now high,and every King is for himself. Or maybe not? If you have already finished the previous two installments, you know exactly what to expect. Exceptional plot arc, controversial and unexpected circumstances, and enough existential dilemmas to leave the book aside and ponder the meaning of life, is what characterizes Mark's work.

“Hurt spreads and grows and reaches out to break what’s good. Time heals all wounds, but often it’s only by the application of the grave, and while we live some hurts live with us, burning, making us twist and turn to escape them. And as we twist, we turn into other men.” 

Emperor of Thorns is providing the perfect closure for the critical acclaimed The Broken Empire trilogy, what has now come to be known as one of the greatest fantasy trilogies of our century



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