Forged in Shadow

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As the youngest son of the greatest smith of the fae, Curuthannor should be aspiring to the forge. Instead, he would rather wield a blade than craft one. When the high elf king commissions a powerful enchanted sword requiring iron found only in the subterranean goblin mines of the Shadow Realm, Curuthannor seizes the opportunity to earn a place in the smithy that doesn’t require a hammer. But when dark elf treachery interferes, the lives of his entire family could be at risk...for the high elf king is unmerciful and will not suffer disobedience.

Especially from his own daughter.

Lhéwen is honored to be the only handmaiden selected to attend the high elf princess on what she believes is a diplomatic delegation to the dark elf king. She doesn’t realize it could be a one-way trip. While the princess forges an escape from her father’s ruthless will, Lhéwen is trapped in a foreign land. Betrayed and alone, Lhéwen discovers it is her own quiet power that may free—or doom—them all.

For when the pen fails, the sword will take its place.

Forged in Shadow is the first book in the thrilling new epic fantasy trilogy by award-winning author, Megan Haskell. Set in the same universe as The Sanyare Chronicles, this is the story of the Great War between the nine faerie realms. If you like sweeping vistas, unexpected heroes, and world-shattering stakes, you’ll love this battle between Shadow and Light.

Curuthannor’s father, the greatest elven smith, has been tasked with forging an enchanted sword for the High Elf king. Sent out into the world to find the rare materials necessary for the blade’s forging, Curuthannor quickly finds himself embroiled in a dark and elaborate plot.

Lhéwen, seamstress to the High Elf princess, is more than just a member of her lady’s retinue; she is a powerful enchantress herself. She finds herself a pawn in the games of her narcissistic mistress, her enchantments weaponized to be used against her own people. But when Lhéwen finds herself the unwilling engineer of the trap that has ensnared Curuthannor, she realizes there may be no way for her to escape.  Soon, Lhéwen and Curuthannor find themselves at the center of a net of intrigue, where the fate of two realms and the lives of their loved ones hang in the balance.

Forged in Shadow is a captivating tale full of intrigue, courage, and betrayal. The characters are compelling, and the pace of the novel never lets up. The world is well-designed, and there is everything a fantasy fan reading and hungering for more.