Straight Outta Fangton

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Reading Straight Outta Fangton is like being in a Mel Brooks-induced vampire coma with Buffy and Blade repeats looping in your dreams. I started laughing on page one and didn’t stop until the end.


Peter is a new Black vampire working his way up the hierarchy behind the counter of a Qwik & Shop. When Peter finds a newly-minted undead girlfriend in the bathroom, his afterlife becomes a lot more complicated. Soon Peter finds himself embroiled in trying to foil a terrorist plot to overthrow the vampire establishment lead by a thousand-year-old religious maniac. 

I really enjoyed this book. There was never a dull moment and I caught myself obsessively page-flipping. There was also a fair amount of gleeful laughter echoing under the door, causing my kids to come in wondering what I was laughing at and them getting sucked into the story too.

This book is full of tropes and plays on tropes, gallows humor, and dark comedy. Its strongest point is that the novel, like its protagonist, never takes itself too seriously. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a comedic take on YA supernatural mystery-thriller.


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