Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy

“I had just killed a teacher. With my shoe.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Hart of Dixie and ancient Greece. Katerina approves.


So, Harper is a perfect southern lady, waiting to be crowned Homecoming Queen, when she finds the school janitor dying in the girls' bathrooms and said janitor passes her some weird mojo by kissing her and her History teacher attacks her and she goes ninja. Not your typical Homecoming night, right? Confused and panicked, Harper finds out that she became a Paladin, a warrior and protector, and every bizarre thing that happens in her life evolves around David. freaking. Stark.

“He and I had loathed each other since kindergarten.Heck, even before that. Mom says he’s the only baby I ever bit in daycare.”

I have to be honest, I loved this book! It was super funny and sweet, combining kickass action with high school drama and some major aww and ohh and what?? and go girl! moments! Rachel Hawkins definitely knows how to keep you glued to Harper's story, it's fast paced and makes you smile!

Rebel Belle is a refreshing YA novel because for once, the girl doesn't depend on the boy to save her or guide her through the crazy stuff she experiences. On the contrary, David is the one who needs saving and is equally lost and scared (but he gallantly tries to hide it) and so, so cute. I want to hug him.

If you're looking for prophecies and crazy teenage witches and greek mythology woven with southern charm and likable characters, do not hesitate to read Rebel Belle!

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