Crystal Crowned (Air Awakens, #5)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Romance

“This is but a night. The sun will rise again, and I stand with the dawn.”

I don't want to write this review. Because when it's done, when I press Save, a huge and important chapter of my life will be over. I am one of those readers who get emotional pretty frequently, but the feelings this series have evoked are more powerful than a storm. Not all of them were pleasant, but they were real, and devastating, and I wouldn't trade them with anything in this world.


I won't talk about the plot that much, because Crystal Crowned hasn't been published yet and I don't want to spoil anything, but I can tell you one thing; this book is dark. It's ugly, bloody, messy and bleak, and you're constanlty drowning in despair and hopelessness. The Evil our heroes are trying to defeat is cunning, unhallowed and can corrupt anything, even the purest heart. But there are moments of beauty and wonder in this chaotic and desolate world, and they're enough. Enough to preserve the dream of peace and freedom.

She would write their requiem in blood.”

I experienced every horror Vhalla faced like I was standing next to her, soaked in blood and trembling with terror. I was always afraid, always holding my breath and trying to steady my nerves, trying to convince myself that everything would be ok in the end. That my suffering would be worth it. I spent a great amount of time being angry at Vhalla, even disappointed, because when I finally accepted her and loved her in Water's Wrath, in Crystal Crowned I witnessed a more savage and greedy side of hers that made me edgy. But at the same time I admired her, because she came a long, long way and her mistakes and flaws made her the only person that could defy and defeat the Evil she unleashed.

“I messed up so badly. I didn't love some friends enough. Sometimes I focused on myself more than others. But if I hadn't made those mistakes, I wouldn't be strong enough to look to the future now and not be afraid.

I cared for secondary characters like they were my own friends, Elecia has become an all-time favorite and Jax is so flawed and tarnished and mad with grief that my heart ached for him. The heart that belongs to Aldrik C. Solaris. The beautiful, stubborn, damaged Fire Lord whose development was astonishing. From now on, every time I'll read YA fantasy I will compare the male characters to him, and no one will live up to his imperfect perfection.

“They had done it. In spite of it all, they had found each other.”

I love these people, they're scored on my soul and I owe everything to you, Elise Kova. Every heartbreak, every tear, every smile, they belong to you. Thank you for making a lonely girl from a small greek island dream and hope, for making her believe in magic and miracles and keeping her company when she needed it the most.

Long live Solaris!

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*



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