Theft of Swords (The Riyria Revelations, #1)

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Rating: 5 stars

Genre: High Fantasy, Adult, Magic


Two words.



It's elvish for two.”

What happens when a sarcastic thief/former assassin and an idealistic mercenary/brilliant swordsman get in the way of a conspiracy for world domination? Epic fantasy at its finest ,that's the answer.Include some legends about a God's heir who is going to unite the world,a plotting Church with a secret agenda,Elves who are waiting for the opportune moment to gain their lands back,swordfights,prostitutes,monks,hidden prisons and witches and that's it,you have a masterpiece in your hands and a new favorite author in Michael J. Sullivan!

“So you want us to escape from this prison,kidnap the king,cross the countryside with him in tow while dodging soldiers who I assume might not accept our side of the story,and go to another secret prison so that he can visit an inmate?”

In the mythical land of Elan,where empires rise and fall,nobles and priests scheme,Elves are mistreated by the humans and witchcraft is a vile thing,a duet of thieves has become a legend.Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater couldn't be more different.Hadrian is the talkative one,who shows compassion and kindness,who wants to do the right thing,something that's not always working for him since he is a mercenary.On the other hand,Royce is cold,sarcastic,calculative and ruthless,he lurks in the shadows and can kill without making a sound.When this bizarre duo was framed for the murder of a king and the only way to save their lives was to keep alive the prince and free a dangerous prisoner,they interfered in a grand conspiracy set to alter the governments and the structure of the realms of Men.And when they were hired to steal a magical sword from an elvish tower while a monster terrorized the nearby village,they got in the way of some very powerful people who did not tolerate such disturbances.

“Royce stared out at the tower in the middle of the river and considered why jobs involving stealing swords were never simple.”

I don't think I can properly praise Michael J. Sullivan.There was not a single moment that I was not hooked in his story,his descriptions were sufficient but not boring,his characters well-painted,the dialogues witty and the banters between Royce and Hadrian excellent and amusing!Everything about these two screamed badassery,their past was covered in mystery and secrets we have yet to discover,they were simply perfect.There was no romance,but the women in this novel were not mere tools,despite the low appreciation against their gender,and even the minor characters added some perspective and completed the spectacular world Mr.Sullivan created.

If you are into high fantasy,this is definitely a book you should read.And if you're not,it's an excellent opportunity to dive in the world of magic and epic battles.If I could give Theft of Swords more than 5 stars,I would.Because it is that good.

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