Make Me Bad

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Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Rom Com

Long Live the Queen of Rom-Coms!

*throws confetti and celebrates with chocolate filled donuts*

I had prepared a whole mushy speech on how R.S. Grey healed my broken wings and replaced them with pink puffy ones; I hired an orchestra specialized in mourning tunes, I washed and ironed my black-outfit-that-matches-with-my-soul only to realize that I already did that with my Hotshot Doc review. That only means that (a) I am predictable AF, (b) my life is still a roller-coaster that keeps plunging into the abyss and (c) R.S. Grey’s magic touch won’t be faltering any time soon. The sad thing is that my tirade against daily life and work and stress is still inevitable, because it is tightly connected with the reasons I fell in love with Make Me Bad. I apologize in advance.

Make Me Bad follows Madison Hart, a sheltered children’s librarian who wishes on her birthday for a more exciting year. Such excitement does not take long to hit her in her face (quite literally) when she is assailed minutes after the wish, only to be rescued by a knight in shining armor rocking a black eye, Ben Rosenberg. The Ben Rosenberg, Texan royalty who happens to be despised by her over-protective, gun-carrying family. Ben has a confident air about him, an aura that makes promises  of sin and mischief, so Madison asks him a favor. To make her bad. With Ben her guide to vice, she will do things out of her comfort zone (even sneak out!!), she will become daring and impulsive, and she’ll start falling for the gorgeous, unattainable man everyone thinks will ruin her. Little does she know that Ben finds himself besotted with the innocent girl-next-door he's promised to corrupt, that he craves her like the forbidden fruit that she is, that his desire burns him day and night. His only reservation? Will he be good enough for her?

"I know how it feels to have lived twenty-five years with a safety net. I know how it feels to stand on the sidelines and watch other, seemingly more deserving girls get the guy."

Replace "twenty five" with "twenty seven" and this passage could easily be a page from my diary (I don’t keep a diary, but if I did this would totally be a brief summary of the content). This book resonated with me in a deep level. I found pieces of my routine, my behavior, my beliefs, my attitude in Madison, in her efforts to be the good girl that eventually lets life pass by while she is waving from her isolated window. Between 

“This cavalier suggestion that I would attend the party wasn’t just out of character for me, it was as if aliens had infiltrated my body and were now using me as a human proxy”


“I’m a total dweeb who spends her days at the library surrounded by books and her nights in her childhood bedroom surrounded by books” 

I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I didn’t like what I saw. I saw a scared girl. A girl who has a loving family, a good job but is not content. Who wants more but is too afraid, too intimidated to reach for it. And that’s my difference from Madison. She was brave, she reached out and put herself out there, exposed herself to pain, to danger, to change. She was inspiring, and I wished I had a chip of her courage and her will. Make Me Bad was one of the most relatable, personal books I have ever read. And even though I found it more emotional than what Rachel probably intended, in the end it enveloped me in a warm embrace that filled me with calm, and I sighed with satisfaction.

(See? I warned you it would be a melodrama fest)

Setting aside my bleak and dismal life, Make Me Bad complied reverently with the Golden Rule applying to every R.S. Grey book: funny – sexy – sweet (and swoony). The tension, the otherworldly chemistry between Madison and Ben could melt icebergs, their banters, their flirtation, the way they clicked , the SLOW BURN were perfectly depicted and anointed Make Me Bad a one-sitting-read, of those that make your dreams bigger and your butts fatter (because they encourage sugar consumption).

Make Me Bad is a romantic comedy made of dreams and fluff that will paint your face with a smile so big you’ll resemble Joker – simply wonderful. 

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


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