So Wrong It's Right (Boston Love #5)

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Humor

O how I love thee, Julie Johnson.

I've come to believe that Julie Johnson can write a good, give-you-all-the-feels romance with her eyes closed. She has yet to disprove my theory, or shake my conviction that she is, and will always be, the Queen of Hearts, Lady of Binge-Reading, Protector of Real Love and Warden of Dreams.

Long may she reign!

❝I am Shelby Hunt. The perfect woman. 

The perfect ghost.❞

Shelby Hunt has been trapped in an unhappy marriage for ten years. Ten years of stifling herself, trying to fit in the box of the perfect wife her abusive husband wanted. And when she finally decides to do the unthinkable, to leave him and move on, she realizes that she never really knew him. Enter Conor Asshole Gallagher, her knight in a not-so-shiny armor, the FBI agent who saves her from the Bratva thanks to her dear ex-husband's dealings with the infamous crime syndicate, and his not-so-clever decision to steal something extremely valuable from them. Between gunfights, interrogations, safe houses and explosions, Shelby finally feels that she is not alone, that there is someone she can trust, someone who sees all the things she tries to hide and embraces them. If only their lives were not hanging by a thread...

❝I saw you, Shelby. I still see you. I think, if I ever go blind, I'll see you in my dreams for the rest of my life.❞

So Wrong It's Right is the perfect blend of suspense and sweep-you-off-your-feet, set-your-cheeks-ablaze romance laced with danger and oh-so-powerful feelings. Julie Johnson's unique writing consists of a heavy dose of reality, dry humor and beautiful metaphors that make your chest clench and your heart ache with yearning. She pours her soul in every word and page, in every kiss and touch, giving them breath, turning them into whirlwinds that devour you while you devour them. 

❝What are you more afraid of - abandonment or committment? Loneliness or love? Never putting yourself out there? Or potentially being blown off when you actually do?❞

It is refreshing to feel that you are not alone in your fears, that someone, even a fictional character, dreads the same monsters. It gives you the power to face them. Shelby was a heroine that managed to appear as well-composed, in control even when everything was breaking apart. The hurt she hid, the insecurity, the knowledge that she was invinsible and alone sent a mournful melody straight to my core. Conor was the bandage to her wounds, despite his tough exterior and his bossy ways. I've wanted him to be happy for so long, that seeing him fall head over heels for feisty Shelby seemed surreal. They were equally stubborn and controlling, but their fights were fogged up with steam. Conor gives the definition to alpha male, and let's just say that I wouldn't mind being locked up in a cell with him...

There is one thing, though, that didn't sit right with me, that seemed far-fetched, even in a book dealing with the freaking Bratva (yes I knew all about Bratva because I am a well-educated woman who watches Arrow); while my heart was busy doing her drum thing and my stomach cartwheeling, a tiny voice belonging to the stiff, cynical old lady known as reason kept repeating that everything happened way too fast. This never bothered me before, since (with the exception of Phoebe and Nate) the previous Boston Love stories also unfold in a short time-period. However, in this instance, I couldn't ignore the voice, and the nagging feeling of insta-love that was a cloud to the perfect sunny day of So Wrong It's Right. I know things like that happen in real life; according to my intel, my own parents got engaged after dating for two weeks (Mother claims it was love at first sight, Father that is was a case of dark sorcery or voodoo). I fear, though, that this connection and committment is difficult to establish this soon. This issue, in conjuntion with the occasions where Shelby was a little over the top with her reactions and refusal to listen to Conor, led me to rate it with 4 stars.

❝I'm learning the hard way that real life is nothing like the movies. ❞

So Wrong It's Right is a sweet, emotional and intense story about finding home, that will speak to every romantic soul out there!

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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