The Chase (Briar U, #1)

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Narrator: On August 5, 2018, Katerina peacefully finished The Chase. She went to the beach, she was sunburned and ended up looking like a roasted Thanksgiving turkey, she ate seafood with the light summer breeze rustling her hair, and life was simply perfect. Until she got a summons to the Prosecutor's office. 

 *light knock on the door*

Prosecutor: *without lifting his head* Come in, Miss Katerina.

Me: How did you know it was me?

Prosecutor: It was the smell that gave you away.

Me: Smell?

Prosecutor: The smell of books, fluffy dreams and chocolate flavoured hopes for happily ever afters. 

Me: Thanks, I guess?

Prosecutor: Please, sit down. Do you know why I brought you here?

Me: *shifts in her chair* I have my suspicions.

Prosecutor: So you know I'm legally bound to press charges for -

Me: It's no big deal, OK? I didn't mean for my sister to get hurt, she got over it, at least I think she did, she won't talk to me but -

Prosecutor: What are you talking about?

Me: Um, the Incident. Me forcing my sister to hold a book pile some people would call huge in order to take a photo for my Instagram account and said pile collapsing on her head?

Prosecutor: -

Me: Oh, you didn't know that.

Prosecutor: No, but remind me to come back to this later. The reason I invited you here is to try and help you make amends for a felony you committed. * dramatic pause* YOU GAVE The Chase THREE STARS!!

Me: Well, I also gave The Goal 3 stars, but you didn't mind back then! Wait, you know about it, right? In any case, I plead the Fifth!

Prosecutor: As far as I know your problem with The Goal was Sabrina, what's your excuse this time?

Me: It's a long story, really. I dived into The Chase all too eager and enthusiastic, I started it as soon as the ARC hit my Kindle and the whole experience reduced me into a puddle of hormones, and I think I drooled a little or, you know, a lot. The thing is, there was more angst than I expected, and both Fitzy and Summer irritated me sometimes. *pause* It wasn't a long story after all.

Prosecutor: One would say that Elle Kennedy tackled some serious issues, like learning disabilities, spiteful parents, broken families and unreasonable girl-on-girl hatred to name a few, and handled them with respect, she showcased their impact in a realistic way and gave you food for thought.

Me: That's true, I didn't-

Prosecutor: One would also say that since you're in the mood for NA romance you got your fill of steam, more sexual frustration than your ovaries could take, well-written moments of levity and snarky banters, and my records show that you swooned a couple of times.

Me: Three times I think -

Prosecutor: One would finally say that you should be happy and thankful you got back to Briar University and the hockey team that would render you a puck bunny if given a chance. Do you deny all those things?

Me: No, I-


Me: Jeez, what got your panties in a twist? And what's with all the spit, do I need an umbrella whenever I talk to you?

Prosecutor: Apologies for my outburst, ma'am, I simply don't understand this.

Me: To be honest, me neither. I enjoyed The Chase, hell, I devoured it, but I was left a bit unsatisfied. It was Hunter's involvement, and the fact that Summer did seem like an airhead most of the times -

Prosecutor: *death glare*

Me: Hey I'm not judging her, I'm talking about first impressions. She was the queen of llama-drama and a brat, and even though I eventually found depth in her, and realized she was a wonderful human being after all, I couldn't shake those impressions. And Fitz, his reactions were so...immature, at times. His reservations were founded, I give him that, but his head was stuck in his buttocks for a long time.

But they were great buttocks.

I also loved his tattoos. His muscles. His geekiness. His p -

Prosecutor: *coughs*

Me: - and his scenes with Summer were SMOKING HOT, babe, talk about off-the-charts chemistry.

Prosecutor: Ma'am, let's focus, alright?

Me: What? Oh right.



Prosecutor: Anything else?

Me: Yeah, every hockey hottie from the previous books appeared, except from my favorite. WHERE THE FRACK WAS JOHN LOGAN???

Prosecutor: That's a legit point. Is it enough, though, to justify the three stars?

Me: What will you do if I insist on this rating?

Prosecutor: Will imprisonment deter you?

Me: I'm afraid not, sir, I shall stay true to my humble opinion.

Prosecutor: Fine, you may go.

Me: Wait, that's it?

Prosecutor: Three star ratings are not a crime, ma'am. Gosh, how do you call yourself a lawyer? I just wanted to change your mind.

Me: *nervous laughter* I knew that.

 Narrator: Reader, she didn't know that.

 *ARC generously provided by Nina Bocci in exchange for an honest review*

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