Titan Hoppers by Rob J. Hayes - Book Review

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Titan hoppers is a fast paced, fun sci-fi fantasy story with strong characters. Rob J. Hayes delivers another world, and another novel that is sure to engross and entertain. I’ve read a few of his books now and every time I pat myself on the back for skipping it to the top of my TBR.

Iro is a nobody, a service tech aboard one of the poorer ships of the Home Fleet. He wants to be a Hopper, one of those brave and talented souls who risks it all to keep the ship supplied by braving the monsters and traps of the Titan. But when disaster strikes, he will have to face the harsh reality that being a Hopper is a lot harder and more deadly than he ever expected.

The characters were all well imagined. One of them was pretty annoying for me, and this is about my only quibble, but of course the character was supposed to be annoying, so maybe the author was just too good at writing him. Otherwise, the people inhabiting this narrative were unique, interesting, and likeable. Solid characters all around.

Throughout the story, Hayes masterfully expands the scope and theme of the conflict by skillfully inserting plot twists. These complications are always earned, and they always build on and recast the existing conflicts in new and interesting ways. I was particularly impressed by how the narrative forces the characters to achieve emotional growth in order to surmount tangible challenges, making for a story that is both action packed and emotionally charged.

I don’t see a lot of what I would call Science Fantasy or Space Fantasy but it is a genre that I love. The worldbuilding was layered and interesting, and it all dovetailed nicely with the themes of the story. The magic system was unique and detailed. I would definitely consider it a “hard” magic system, yet there are still mysteries within it, just as it should be.

Overall, Titan Hoppers was a very satisfying read. I really liked most of the characters and the themes were well developed and interesting. Great pacing and worldbuilding alongside a really excellent plot made for a memorable read. I can’t wait to return to the Titan!


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