SPFBO 2020 - BookNest.eu Judge Team Reveal

SPFBO 2020 - BookNest.eu Judge Team Reveal

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Hello, and welcome to BookNest.eu

SPFBO 6 commences tomorrow, and we're proud to announce that BookNest will return as a Judge for the fourth year in a row in our continued efforts to support self-published authors. Many thanks to Mark Lawrence for this opportunity!

We are here today to reveal the process we will follow to choose our Finalist. This year, our team consists of eleven people! In the first round, our Regular Reviewers, Katerina, Max, Janelle and Natasha, as well as our two Guest Judges, Dyrk Ashton & D.M. Murray, will read and review 5 books each and pick their favorite as Semi-Finalists. You read that right - we will read and review all 30 books assigned to us, as we've always done so far. When we have our 6 Semi-Finalists, myself (Petros) and C.T. Phipps will read all of them and pick the best one as our Finalist, which will then proceed ti the Second Round of the SPFBO, to compete against the other 9 Finalists. In the Second Round, our Regular Reviewers, Gary, Jordan and Drew will read and review 3 Finalists each. Bellow, you can see the books assigned to us, and who will read what. We will keep this page updated everytime we review a book, or when we pick a Semi-Finalist, so you may want to bookmark it! 

D.M. Murray Dyrk Ashton Max
The Lost War by Justin Lee Anderson The Jealousy of Jalice by Jesse Nolan Bailey The Obsidian Palm by C.W. Snyder
Sorrowfish by Anne C. Miles Wayfarer by K.M. Weiland Auring's Wrath by Justin DePaoli
The Phoenix Embryo by Jeanne Marcella A Storm of Silver and Ash by Marion Blackwood Meadowcity by Liz Delton
Dire by John Bailey Architect by RT Mulder Bull and the Goblin Raid by Matt Heppe
Covenant of Blood by H.R. van Adel Chasing Sunrise by Emily Mah The Stone of Knowing by Allan N. Packer


Katerina Janelle Natasha
Dragon's Reach by JA Andrews The Brightest Shadow by Sarah Lin The Chaos Circus by Renee Dugan
Until All Curses are Lifted by Tim Frankovich Kingdom of Aces - Ruby Edition by Steven Smith The Delving by Aaron Bunce
Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater A Brush with Vampires by Betsy Flak Dragon Mage by Tameri Etherton
Star Compass by Anthea Sharp The Bear Cavalry, A True (Not!) History of the Icelandic Bears by D.G. Valdron Heart and Soul Fist by Chris Ing
Blackbirds Sing by Aiki Flinthart The Ninth Knight by Stephen James Wright The Power of Convinction by Catrin Russell


I would ask that you do not contact one of our reviewers directly, lest they choose to contact you on their own. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Facebook! Best of luck to all contestants!

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