The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan 26, Sep

SPFBO read #5 of 5.


I don't really know where to start with this review, other than The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan felt like a poor man's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. There is so much absurdity going on that, unless you cling to each and every written word, you will be lost without any hope of finding your way back through the wormhole. Never have I been so confused as I was after reading this novel. As you can see (those of you on GR), I finished 4 days ago and still cannot wrap my brain around what just occurred. It is like being on a roller coaster ride, but instead of being given a second to catch your breath after a long drop, your lungs are constantly trying to take in just the tiniest bit of air in order to be satisfied as you are flung into infinity. The reader is introduced to way too many things in the beginning and it doesn't slow down, so you are always playing catchup. 


This book is not for everyone, me included. There is humor to be found throughout the pages, but it is so muddled with ridiculousness that it feels like a chore to hunt it down. There is enough swearing, sex, death and more for everyone and a fun adventure to save the planet, but it wasn't enough for me. I have read and enjoyed other novels with stylistic differences when it comes to the writing, like Brothers Jetstream (see The Vagrant by Peter Newman or The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark), but neither hold a candle to the sentence structure presented. It takes quite a mind to read, let alone write this stuff. 


I may give this novel another try in future years, but I need some palate cleansers in the meantime.