Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen #4) by John Gwynne - Book Review 21, Feb

Title: Wrath

Author: John Gwynne

Series: The Faithful and the Fallen

Genre: Epic fantasy

Publisher: Tor  

First Published: 2016

Pages: 685 (Pan Books paperback edition, 2017) 

My Rating: 5 stars 

A fantastic and satisfying conclusion to one of the best fantasy series to grace the genre in recent years. 

The nail-biting cliffhanger at the end of Ruin had me immediately reaching for the final book in The Faithful and the Fallen series, aptly named Wrath. John Gwynne does not keep the reader in suspense for long as the book picks up right where the last one left off. Drassil has fallen, the Bright Star’s warband decimated and scattered across Forn. Corban himself has been captured by the Jotun, a neutral force in the God War so far. Meanwhile, Asroth’s return draws near as his servants are close to collecting all the Seven Treasures and summoning him and his horde of Kadoshim into the Banished Lands. The stakes are high and only through truth and courage will the forces of good prevail. 

Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen #4) 02, Oct

Rating: 6/5 stars

This is the most satisfying finale I’ve ever read.

Wrath (The Faithful And the Fallen #4) 09, Mar

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Masterpiece. Mark my words, if this series ever get adapted into a television series with the same production value for Game of Thrones, it will create a myriad of fan base all over the world. Watch out GRRM, while you’re waiting for the breeze from the 'Winds of Winter' to come, John Gwynne has appeared out of nowhere and he has conquered the genre, the apprentice has become the master.