Traitor's Blade by Sebastian de Castell (The Greatcoats #01) - Book Review 13, Apr

 It’s been months since I read Traitor’s Blade, and after deep consideration, I am ready to set out judgement from on high! Heed my words, all ye who have not read this one:

It’s quite good.

Traitor's Blade (The Greatcoats #1) 27, May

Rating: 4/5 stars

After a rocky start, I ended up enjoying this book.

Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats #1) 16, May

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Hope you don’t get bored hearing this, but there is no other simple way for me to describe Traitor’s Blade, Sebastien de Castell’s great debut work and the first book in the Greatcoats quartet, other than that it’s a blend of Alexandre Dumas’s  ‘The Three Musketeers’ and Joe Abercrombie’s ‘The First Law’ series.